The Rules of Sorrow

I just wrote a new chapter called forbidden love.


3. Strangulation

As rain pours through the clouds, lightning strikes the crowds. One that I am in is made of sin. As I try to find my way, tears of blood drip from my chin.

I’m trying to escape the light, no matter how hard I fight, I can’t escape from the day. Later, I run into a dark figure. He pushes me onto the ground, I see a picture now. Can’t hear a sound.

His snakelike hands surround my throat, he is wearing a heavy coat. I feel his warmth; but how can I be so cold? This is going against all I’ve ever been told.

As I try to breath, with anger I seethe. Slowly, my life begins to go. I have no motivation to stop this strangulation. As I take my last breath, Unnoticed goes my death.

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