The Dark Knyght Series

We are at War with the humans, they want to kill us off, we are members of the Underworld, the Dark lands of Dartiana. Little be known my son Riley whom is also known as Jerimiah is hidden within them, the woman Kylie is taking care of my son, he's more human, what happens when my father learns of my son's exsitance ….


1. The Heir


Darq Knyght Series

The Heir   Kaleb Knyght stood at his balcomy as he now looked down to the Vegas strip,  he sighed as he heard his  door open and close, there now stood Keira  Knyght,  his wife , he sighed as she stood in place
" Steven  found him "
With Natalia,
Who  the fuck is that? he question
My baby sister,
I want Riley Keira, I want him now !
He's onlh thriteen  Kaleb
i don't give a shit,  he will become one of  us, we need a heir
I will not let our son become  something he's not ready for, Keira snapped.
Kaleb  turned  as he grabbed keira upon her neck.
You will do  what  you are told to do, bring our son home Keira, or  I will kill you myself
You can't kill me Kaleb, you need me, you need us to survive  remember that , I may be an Angel , I can still take you down,  now you will not get Riley leave our son out of it   Kaleb growled as he turned and faced Vegas.
My Father will kill our son,
Over my dead body Kaleb, he will not kill my ...
OUR! son , kaleb snapped.
 Keira sighed as she now walked out of the living area and into her son's  bedroom as she sat on his bed, there she sighed,  she knew  that she would have to  hide her fifteen year old son, and Heir to the  throne....   TBC  
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