Jeff the killer

This is my book and I think he should have eye lids if not then he would be needing eye drop every 30 mins
This is my first time writhing a book and I hope you yes like and pleases let me know if you like it I want to know and if I miss spelled anything let me know


4. chapter 4

I put is hoodie in the washer and poured bleach in it and hit start and bleaching his knife to get the blood off of it and my mum called and was worried that I didn't call her I told her that I was tired and which was true and he looked at me surprised that I didn't tell my mom that someone broke in and I have him chained up in the living-room. He said why I and confused what he meet. But I asked what is ur name? He said your nightmare a bust out laughing and I grabbed my computer and went to my bedroom and got on the internet looked up on my carved smiles and I read some articles about a couple stabbed to death with cuts on both side of there faces and that he killed over 2 thousand people and that there is a reword for 5 million dollars I exist out if that and I looked up cuts on face and it I click on articles it said little Jeffery was at a bus stop and a couple of bullies stated hitting him and the bully tried to stab Jeffery and he knock the bully out and stabbed the bully and he when to a birthday party and the bully's showed up and was beating him up from the upstairs and the bully poured bleach on him and set him on fire he ran down stairs on fire he was in the hospital for a few and one night he was in the bath room he carved a smile on his face and his mom walk in and said ran and told the father to grab the gun and kill Jeffery so Jeffery killed this hole family and ran away. I exit out of it and when I was walking down stairs I yell hey Jeffery he looked right up at me surprised and before he could talk my name is rose I said and reach go along away. Jeff yelled you don't know nothing about me I said yes I do. I know that no parent should tried to kill the own blood who is there son and you killed then even you brother Luis. Shout up Jeff yelled.

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