Jeff the killer

This is my book and I think he should have eye lids if not then he would be needing eye drop every 30 mins
This is my first time writhing a book and I hope you yes like and pleases let me know if you like it I want to know and if I miss spelled anything let me know


3. chapter 3

And I see someone on my mum bed asleep his hoodie was white with yellow and red stains from blood. So slowly walk towards him lighting shook the house and it cast my shadow on the wall in front of him and he turn towards me and he was running at me he had a knife in his hands I dodged his attack and hit him in his head he drop to the ground and I grabbed his knife and when down stairs into the garage grab chains and run throughout the house and up stairs and he was still in the same spot when I let when I when over to him I saw something beside his head when I got closer it was blood where I hit him in the head I went to the bathroom got the first aid kit and started cleaning his head. His hair is greasy and he smelled bad so I took of his hoodie it was wet and so was his pants but I was not going to take those off because he have thing and I didn't want to see so I took the hair dryer and used it on his pants and I took the hoodie to the washer and a bottle of stain remover and I used the whole bottle it was brand new when I used it. I went back up stairs and pick up the guy he had white pale skin and black hair and his skin was really soft like someone tried to burn him. I put him on the floor and I chained him up I set back and look at my art work I had done.

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