Jeff the killer

This is my book and I think he should have eye lids if not then he would be needing eye drop every 30 mins
This is my first time writhing a book and I hope you yes like and pleases let me know if you like it I want to know and if I miss spelled anything let me know


2. chapter 2

When I woke up it was around 3 in the after non and I realized that my parents wasn't home and I run down the stairs plugged in my iPod to the stereo and put it on high I went back up stairs to take a shower and got out to put on my black ripped skinny jeans,a white thank top, black jacket and my black boots I done my makeup and gave myself a smokey eye when I was down it was around 8 and I grabbed my eyes and went out side locked the door and I was heading to the park I could smell the rain coming when I got the and I pulled out my head phone and when I turned abound there was this guy and he had dark brown hair and brown yes maybe 6'2 and had amazing smile he asked me if the other swing is take. I said no he ask if I lived close by maybe maybe not he smiled what is your name he ask? Rose I like your name rose he said my name is Ryan. I seen something white in the bushes and Ryan looked over to see what I was look at. And asked me I said it was nothing . It started to rain and he asked me if I he could take me home with a smile how could I turn down his smile? When we got to my house see you later I got out of the truck and went to unlock the door I didn't mean to Slam the door behind me I tried to turn on the light but the lights where out because of the storm so I had to use my iPod to light the candles and someone was blowing out the candles. I went into the Kitchen and grabbed a butcher knife and went slowly up stairs

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