This is really just a place for me to get my feelings out. I'm probably not going to publish it.


2. Why am I up at 1 Am? Part 2

July 20th, 12:43 AM- Start

My sister has been hitting me and abusing me since I was like 8 I think. I dont remember the exact age, but I know that it happened when I was little. Hell, Im not really big. Im medium. I'm 14. That makes my sister 18. Shes 18 and screams at me everyday and steals my cat and slaps my ass and takes videos of me and doesnt delete them when I ask her to. She makes me cry. Im not writing this for views or reads or to get my story out. I dont have a story. Im doing this because if I dont start to slowly let the air out of the bottle go, Im going to explode. I already do explode. I yell at my sister when she screams at me for stupid stuff because all of this shit that she pulls puts a huge toll on me. You might be asking "Well Lee(thats the name i prefer to go by) Where the hell/heck are your parents?" Theyre fine I guess. I love my mom but she doesnt stick up for me. My dad annoys the hell out of me. We're poorish and he spends way to much time and money drinking. Hes drunk a lot, but theres only one time when I remember it was bad. Im not going to go into details but there was a fight between my whole family, after a band concert that ended at 7:30, that ended with my mom hugging me and my sister while I was crying at 1 AM. Dont get the wrong idea, He doesnt abuse us! Not physically or Mentally! I was just tired and upset that people were fighting so I was crying. I had school the next day and so did my sister. But my parents never really told my sister to back off me or quit but when they did she didnt listen. She still doesnt and she's an adult. When she asks to go out with her friends, my mom might say no but she will 90% of the time go. It's stressful. I ask my mom to tell her to (for example) stop slapping my ass or punch my boob and my mom will say 'Well baby I've tried. She wont listen to me'. Its not good. But not everything in life, is good.

July 20th, 12:55 AM- End

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