This is really just a place for me to get my feelings out. I'm probably not going to publish it.


1. Why am I up at 1 Am? Part 1

July 20th, 12:30(ish) AM- Start

I hide my emotions. Ive always hiden my emotions. Ever since I was little. (Just a little background for you if I decide anyone will get to read this- My sister is 4 years older than me and I'm a freshman in highschool. Yea I'm young and I dont spell 'Yeah' with an H because fuck that.) When I was four I convinced my parents to get me a cat. I got a peice of paper for christmas, kind of like a certificate, that said as soon as we get back from New Jersy that next summer, we would go and get a cat. We adopted this cute little ginger kitty who I named Toulouse. Like from the Aristocats(the really old disney movie about abandoned cats) because I LOVED that movie. But I was 5 when we got him so I didnt really know how to treat a kitten. My sister stole him away from me emotionally because he got ringworms so we werent allowed to pet him but she still pet him with a towel inbetween the cat and her hand. I think this is what started me hiding my emotions. I never got to really spend time with "my" cat because he was always with my sister. If I was petting him for like a minute, she would come and take him. To this day she still does, just 10 minutes before I started writing this she took him from my room.

July 20th, 12:42 AM- End

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