Looking to the future

Ashton Fletcher Irwin lives a rough life. Many don't know about it, not even his closest mates. But he likes it this way because he knows this way he wouldn't be shown any pity. Instead he focuses on his brother and sister, his band, and the new girl. But nonetheless he's bound to face his horrible past, in which he's spent his ENTIRE life avoiding. can he overcome it all to be able to live his future in peace??


4. part three : bass player & luke

I look back at the stranger on Luke's porch who looked uneasy.


"He's not gonna play for us. Let alone step into my house." Luke says angrily.

"Luke. Let's be reasonable, mate."

"Reasonable?! Ashton! This guy stole my fucking girlfriend from me and now you're telling me to be reasonable?" I took a hold of his wrist, leading him into the living room.

"Luke." He was staring at his torn black shoes.

"Luke, look at me." He finally looks up at me. "We need him. You know this. We've spent years trying to build a band that we've always wanted and it's finally happening! All I'm asking is for you to give him a chance. I gave Michael one. Give this guy one, too."

He sighs. "Why does it have to be this guy though." He looks towards the guy, who was now standing inside the house talking with Michael. "Fine."

"I'll even bet one day we'll all be touring the world with each other." I say to lighten the mood a bit.

"Don't get ahead of yourself." He smiles before he leads the way back to the guys.

"So we've decided to give you a try." The dark haired boy's eyes widen with surprise.


"Yes." Luke says through clenched teeth.

"Okay?" I ask the guy.

"Alright, I guess." He responds, looking from me to Luke.

"Great!" I say to try to ease the tension that had encircled us


Michael chats with the guy, while Luke and I also talk among ourselves. "After this I think we'll have the band we've always wanted, mate."

"Just because we added a douchebag to the band doesn't mean we'll become an instant hit."

"You never know."

"I've never been so sure in my life."

I wanted to argue further but I knew it'd make things much more worse if I had, so I kept my mouth shut.

Instead, my attention returned back to the bass player, who had settled into a chair near my drum kit with his guitar settled onto his lap, once he's set up everything he starts by playing a small riff.

He then begins to play a song, which immediately catches me off guard. My dad had been the one to introduce me to this song, it was also the same song that made me fall in love with music. It brought back so many unwanted memories. Memories that I've spent years trying to forget.

I shake out of my reverie, trying desperately to focus on the way he played. I did, successfully, because by the end of the song I was quite impressed. A part of me would have told him that he was officially apart of the band but the other part made me look over at Luke, who seemed to be even more pissed.


"So what?" He hisses.

"Is he worthy enough to be a part of this band or not?"


"No?" I say in disbelief. I thought we just covered this?

"No, Ashton!" He leaps up in an instant. "Why don't you try sitting here knowing this guy slept with your girlfriend but also turn out to be an amazing bass player making the perfect band that we've always wanted." He storms out of the basement. I sit on the couch dumbfounded.

"I'm sorry about that." I finally say after a few moments. I look over at Mikey, who sat fiddling with his fingers, my eyes then landed on the bass player.

"What is your name mate? I keep calling you 'the bass player' in my head." He chuckles.

"My name is Calum. Calum Hood."

"Well Calum, my name is Ashton and that lad who ran off was Luke."

"I know who you guys are. We've went to school with each other since we were kids."

"Why don't I know who you are then?" I rack my brain for any explanation. Then it dawns on me. This kid sitting in front of me is the star athlete on the soccer team. He's a "cool kid". I've never associated with them before and I also knew I never would, which explains my lack of knowlege of him. But a "cool kid" is sitting in Luke's basement, why?

He laughs. "I see that you've gotten it figured out?" I nod. "Yeah. You're also probably wondering why I'm here and not at some other popular kids house." I nod again, rendered speechless. Why? He's a normal guy too. Then in the back of my head a voice screams, BECAUSE KIDS LIKE YOU DON'T ASSOCIATE WITH THE "COOL KIDS".

"Being popular gets lame after a while, I'd rather hang out with people who know me on a level other than soccer and popularity."

"Explaining why you hang out with Michael?"

"Hey! I object to that. I can be a popular guy if I wanted to." Mikey pouts.

"Believe me. You don't want to. It's the same old thing every weekend. You party, get wasted, and then hook-up with some chick you hardly know." I sensed that he was probably talking about him and Luke's girlfriend.

"Cal! That sounds like the life."

"It is, until you ruin a relationship." I was correct, he was thinking of Luke.

"This was your first time ruining a relationship?" I ask.

"I'm not some heartless asshole who goes around ruining everyone's happiness."

It was just a question.

He must have seen my reaction, "I'm sorry. It's just he never gave me the time to explain. I really do feel bad. But she was the one all over me, I just assumed she was single." He shrugs, "Maybe I should go talk to him. I really want to be in this band, it's the only thing that could keep me feeling normal."

"Give him time. Let me talk to him first then maybe he'll want to talk to you." He nods.

Right then Liz announces that dinner was ready from the top of the stairs and we all shuffle upstairs to see that she had made spaghetti. "Where's Luke?"

"Um. He wasn't feeling well so he went back up to his room."

"Oh? Maybe I should go check up on him."

"No! I mean...I'll get him. I'm sure he's fine now." I smile, before she could respond I make my way up to his room.

I spent a good 5 minutes outside his room, trying to choose my words wisely. But found it useless, I wasn't going to be talking with a stranger, but my best friend since the 3rd grade. I open the door only to find Luke sitting in the dark with his back facing towards me.

"Luke. Hey. Dinner is ready." He doesn't say anything. "Come on, mate. You need to eat, there isn't a need to starve yourself." He still doesn't say anything. I decide to walk more into his room, peaking over his shoulder. My heart stops.

"Luke!" I twist his chair around and was horrified at how his blood was staining most of his shirt. I take the razor out of his hand, throwing it across the room. My shaking hands took a hold of his face.

"Luke! Look at me." But he wouldn't meet my eyes. I begin to worry because I didn't know what to do, "I'm going to get your mom." He grabs my hand.

"Luke?" Tears begin to stream down his face. His clear blue eyes which usually held so much happiness, were now clouded with a dark emotion that I've never seen before.

I felt helpless, I couldn't do anything but hold him, wishing he was going to be okay.

"I'm sorry." He chokes.

"What are you sorry about? You did nothing wrong. I should be the one apologizing." He continued to cry into my shoulder without saying another word.

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