Looking to the future

Ashton Fletcher Irwin lives a rough life. Many don't know about it, not even his closest mates. But he likes it this way because he knows this way he wouldn't be shown any pity. Instead he focuses on his brother and sister, his band, and the new girl. But nonetheless he's bound to face his horrible past, in which he's spent his ENTIRE life avoiding. can he overcome it all to be able to live his future in peace??


2. Part one : intro

"Ashton Fletcher Irwin! Look what you've done!"

"I'm sorry mommy."

"Oh. You're sorry? That's it?! That's all you have to say for yourself?"


"Clean this shit up Ashton! You made the mess. I'm not cleaning it for you." I nod and get on my knees. I take a towel from a drawer to wipe up the spilled milk but that makes mommy even more mad. She hits me in the back of my head and tells me to use a mop. I do.

She sits back in front of the TV to watch her game show. I mop up the milk and wipe away my tears. She returns to the kitchen but doesn't say anything. She takes a bottle out of the cupboard and takes it back to the living room. I hurry to put my bowl in the sink and run upstairs knowing that she'd be drunk after that bottle.

My head hurts so I fall asleep in mommy's room.

"Get off my bed Ashton. I need to sleep." I slowly open my eyes to find mommy taking off her shoes.

"Ashton are you deaf? Get off my bed!" She grabs my foot and slides me off making me fall to the floor. I watch her get into bed and lay under the blankets.

"Turn off the lights Ashton." I get up from the floor and flick off the light. She doesn't say anything. I close the door then head to my own room. Its scary at night but Mr. Teddy lays by me every night and he makes sure that I turn on my night light so we can see when a monster is in the room, they only come once in a while th. I close my eyes and say goodnight to Mr. Teddy.

-10 years later-

The alarm goes off and I immediately get out of bed to turn it off before it wakes my mom or her boyfriend, Dave. I walk sleepily down the hall to wake Harry and Lauren, but neither move an so I mention their field trip to the zoo today, Harry was immediately sitting up.

"Will we see monkeys?"

"Of course! It wouldn't be called a zoo without the monkeys." He smiles big and looks over at Lauren who was smiling as well.

"Okay. Get ready and I'll have breakfast ready when you come down." I had gotten ready and finished breakfast just in time before Harry and Lauren started to head down.

"I smell bacon!" Harry practically yells.

"Shh! You'll wake mom!"

"Sorry." I look towards the entrance.

"Already bickering I see." Lauren looks at Harry with an irritated look, "Not really."

"Uh huh." I say as I place their plates in front of them.

"Thanks Ash."

"You're welcome, Lauren." We eat in silence for a solid 10 minutes before it dawns on me that their bus would be arriving soon.

"Alright guys. Start finishing up. The bus will be here at any moment now." I just about finished my sentence before hearing the honking of a bus.

"Let's go!" They finish their food and hurry for the door.

"Have fun today."

"We will!" They say in unison. I watch them get onto the bus and head back into the kitchen, which was a complete mess. I rolled up the sleeves of my jacket and cleaned as fast as I possibly could, only to be surprised at how much time I had to walk to school.

I grab my stuff from my room and quietly walk past my mom's room. While walking I noticed a lanky figure walking slowing on the road, as I drew closer I noticed that it was Luke.

"Hey." I say as I catch up with him, He quickly looks up at me. Tension had been etched on his face but he eases as he realizes that it's just me.

"Hey." He says somberly.

"What's wrong?" He sighs.

"Beth and I broke up."

"What? Seriously? Why?"

"She...she cheated on me."

"I'm so sorry, Luke."

"Yeah. Me too." I wanted to ask more questions but I could tell that it was still an open wound. The rest of the walk was pretty silent, I opened my mouth to say something but he beat me to it.

"I posted a video last night. I did an Adele cover this time. It turned out like shit but it was Sunday so I had to post something." He shrugs.

"I wish I could watch it. But my mom turned the WiFi off."


"Uhh.. well.. uhh.." I cleared my throat.

"Spit it out."

"Dave didn't want to pay for it anymore." I lied.

I didn't want to tell him the truth. The truth was that she turned it off because one night I arrived home in the middle of the night after hanging with Luke. She jumped to conclusions accusing me of being out late just to be able to go drinking. I told her I hadn't but that didn't stop her from hitting me with an umbrella several times.

Afterwards she drunkenly said, "I knew you'd grow up just like your father. I knew it all along!" I didn't say anything. I couldnt. If I had I'm sure she would have told Dave to teach me a lesson and let me tell you when I say that he LOVES teaching me lessons.

"Earth to Ashton. Hello? You listening?" I blink several times to snap myself out of my daze.

"What? Sorry."

"I was saying that maybe we should consider that Michael kid."

"This again Luke? I told you, he isn't what the band needs."

"What does our band need then?"

"Definitely not Michael Clifford that's for sure." Luke sighs exasperatedly.

"Look. I'm just saying let's give him a shot." I think about it. What else do we got to lose?

"Fine. After school. Your house."

"Really?" I nod reluctantly.

"Cool! I'll let him know." He takes out his phone and looks through his contacts.

"You have his number?"

"Yeah. He wanted me to text him the moment I got an answer from you." He says nonchalantly.

"Right." When we get to the school entrance we head our separate ways and I go through the day without anyone ruining it.

That is until biology. It was my last class of the day and I decided not to listen to the teacher. So I stared blankly at the board where Mr. Fisher was scribbling down useless definitions.

Before I know it the bell rings over our heads and I'm the first one out of my seat.

"Mr. Irwin. Could you stay for just a moment?" I groan and stop underneath the door blocking the other students from exiting.

"Do I have to? I have somewhere to be."

"Well it's either 10 minutes now in my class or 1 hour of detention." I return to my seat knowing I'd get my ass kicked if I get detention, from Luke and my mom, maybe even Dave. The thought sends chills down my spine.

"Mr. Irwin. Do you try to apply yourself in my class?" He snaps me out of my daze.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, are you trying to pass my class or do you really want to see me again next year?" I shrug my shoulders.

"I suggest you start caring about passing or get stuck here for another year." I say nothing but nod my head. He sighs.

"Ashton. Are you listening to me?"

"I hear ya."

"That's much different than actually listening to me."

"I have a good grade. Why are you on me about this?"

"Mr. Irwin you have a D in my class."

"If I didn't apply myself it could have been an F and as I can recall a D is a passing grade." I cross my arms and lean back into the chair as Mr. Fisher rakes his hand through his hair, obviously frustrated.

"Ashton you can either pass this class with a C or higher or, or turn out just like your father." I stiffen.

"How will failing this class make me become like that man? I will never be like him." I say harshly.

"It will believe me. But if you don't think so then show me you will be nothing like him by passing my class." I get out of my chair making my way to the door, my hand lands on the doorknob but I turn around to look at Mr. Fisher.

"I don't have to show you shit Mr. Fisher. If I know I won't be anything like him then I won't be." I exit his classroom and begin my run towards Luke's house.


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