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2. Chapter 2:


Next day at school, I joined the other guys in the hallway.

“But why Tuesday?” Jordan asked. He looked so confused.

“What are you guys talking about?” I asked. Bryce looked at me.

“Why school started a Tuesday this year.” He didn’t exactly sound like someone paying attention.

“Easy. No one would come, had it been a Monday.” I replied. Jordan giggled.

“Yeah. Monday is the Cory Huttel of weekdays.” Everyone laughed. Cory wasn’t a lucky guy, let’s put it that way. Last year, he had hit on Naomi, and gotten completely rejected, in front of the whole school. Then later, he hit on Lydia, who also rejected him. Ever since, he has been very quiet. Lydia was one of Naomi’s friends. Also, not ugly. Like Cory, who wasn’t a “handsome guy”

Speaking of the sun, Naomi walked down the hallway. Her hips swung from side to side. Next to her, was her friends, Lydia, Leah and Grace. This is the point, where you probably would assume they were bitches. But they weren’t. Not at all.

Naomi bit her lip. Caleb’s eyes widened, so did every other guy in the hallway.

“Hi.” Caleb said, with his “talking to my hot girlfriend” voice. Naomi smiled.


“So, party, my house this Friday?” Jordan said looking at the girls. They nodded, and mumbled,


The bell rang.


9:47 AM


I avoided the chance of being a third wheel, by not joining Naomi and Caleb in the hallway. Instead, a joined the other guys. Ray was there too. He was on the team, which apparently made us his friends. Not that he was annoying, but I sure wouldn’t mind if he had other friends.

“Uh nice timing, Ballsack.” Bryce said. Raymond laughed. I had gotten the nickname Ballsack, for some stupid reason. I don’t even remember why, anymore.

“What’s up?” I asked. Bryce bit his lip.

“I just asked Al to the party.” He said with a proud voice. Raymond nodded. To conclude what I said before, he was pretty much just watching. Didn’t say that much.

“Al? Like Alice Bree?” - He nodded. I was impressed. Not that Bryce wasn’t a good looking guy, because he was. With his brown curly hair, and blue eyes, who could say no. But Alice Bree, was from a whole other species. She – unlike other, was a bitch. Not many liked her, but didn’t dare not like her. But Bryce didn’t care. If it had a pulse, he’d go for it. Though it had to be someone pretty, with a pulse. And Alice sure was.

“Like, it was in front of her friends, and she accepted immediately. Even I, was surprised.”

I gave him a small applause. Raymond joined me. Douche.

“And I’m guessing Jordan is going with his girlfriend?” I asked, and looked at Jordan. He looked up from his phone. He smirked

“Who else?” He responded, and looked at his phone again. Jordan and his girlfriend, Serena had been dating for almost a year. He didn’t speak much of her, and they were rarely seen together at school.

“How bout’ you, Raymond?” I asked. Raymond seemed pleased to be included in the conversation.

“I don’t know yet. I’ll probably end up going alone.” He bobbed his head. I nodded.

“Smart choice, Ray.” Bryce said, and put a hand on his shoulder.

“No one said you have to come with someone.” I said. Jordan rolled his eyes.

“You’re only saying that, cause you “recently” broke up with Em.” Jordan declared. I felt a bit offended. He didn’t have to say it like that. I mean, yeah, it isn’t exactly recently. It was 3 months ago, but that doesn’t change anything.

“For all we know, you could be single as well.” I snapped. I didn’t think before I said anything. It’s just, we haven’t exactly seen this girl he’s dating in a while now.

“Shut up.” Jordan said, he clenched his fists.

“No. I didn’t mean it like that. We good?” Jordan slammed his hands into his pockets, and looked at me.

“Fine.” Though he said he was fine, I didn’t believe him. My comment must’ve really hurt him. Maybe he was single after all?


Caleb walked towards us, with no Naomi. He had a big smile on his face.

“Here comes the master of brag.” Bryce whispered as he looked down.

“Hello my fellow teammates.” He said. He massaged the back of his neck.

“Ow. These lockers hurt my neck so bad.” Obviously hinting that he and Naomi was making out up against the lockers. No one said anything. No one wanted to give him the satisfaction.

“Hey Bryce, why don’t you tell our friend Caleb here, who you’re going to the party with?” I said, with the intention of making Caleb jealous. Caleb immediately became interested. He crossed his arms over his chest.

“Alice Bree.” Bryce said proudly. Caleb’s eyes widened.


“Yep. The one and only.” Bryce interrupted. Ray was nodding his head.

“Dude. Good job.” Caleb said, and patted him on the shoulder.

Suddenly Jordan looked at us.

“I have to go. I’ll see you after school, k?” He left. Wonder why he was in a rush? Hmm..?

A little while after, the bell rang.


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