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1. Chapter 1:


“I took a pregnancy test…” She sobbed, with her hands covering her face.

“And…?” He asked.

“It was pos..”

“No! Let´s take that again. Mia, please just… augh. Make it natural.” Mrs. Price interrupted. I would’ve never chosen Drama, if I had known this was what we were going to do. I would almost say that; drama class was like watching paint dry. But lately, I had been able to just sit on my phone and do nothing, maybe catch up with some homework. But still, I’d rather be somewhere else. Mia and Mike had taken forever to learn their lines. And even after 3 weeks of practicing the same damn scene, Mia couldn’t… she just couldn’t. Even Mrs. Price had started to look exhausted.

Caleb nudged me in the side.

“What time is it?” He whispered. I pulled my phone out from my pocket, and showed him the time.


9:34 AM


Only 10 minutes more. 10 minutes of hell. The only reason I was here, was because Caleb had convinced me it was better than both cooking class and some class about cars. He did that a lot. Sometimes I think it’s because he deeps down like acting, or then simply doesn’t want to be alone. Which I would totally understand. But that doesn’t mean I wanted to spend first day back at school, listening to Mrs. Price telling Mia how to act…

“No, Mia. Try putting yourself in your characters shoes.” Mia nodded, as if she was going to do better now.

“From the top.” Her voice sounded a lot less enthusiastic than it did this morning.

And then we watched that same scene again. And Mia still sucked. Mrs. Price sighed deeply.

“Class dismissed. Mia, for the love of god, go home and rehearse this, ok?” Mia nodded as she left the room.


“I can’t believe you made me do this. You owe me big time!” I said, as Caleb giggled.

“Fine, as long as I get to decide.” He high-fived me, and smiled.

Someone down the hall called out our name. I turned around.

“Oh Romeo, why are you Romeo!” They giggled, as they walked towards us. Other people in the hallway didn’t seem to be amazed by their Shakespeare knowledge. It was Bryce, and Jordan.

“So, how was drama?” Bryce said, and jammed his hands into his front pockets.

“Probably better than your cooking class.” Caleb replied. Bryce and Jordan were both in that class.

“Uh sure. Because the girls in drama are soooo hot, right?” Jordan said sarcastic.

“If you’re into nerds, then yeah.” Bryce added. They both enjoyed making fun of us.

Caleb joined their giggling, and laughed.

Bryce, Jordan and Caleb were my buds. We’d been friends since 3rd Grade. Not much has changed since then. Bryce was still a smartass. Jordan, the tough guy. And Caleb, never single or without a girl. We were seniors now, so this was probably our last year together.

The bell rang, and we each went to class.


13:45 PM


I sat down next to Bryce at lunch. The cafeteria was crowded, but we’d managed to get a seat.

“What are you guys doing this Friday?” Jordan asked. He took a bite of his sandwich.

“Probably nothing. Why?” Caleb responded. Bryce didn’t pay attention, he usually never did during lunch. Food was a good friend of his. Surprisingly, he was in perfect shape.

“I’m having a party, and would like to personally invite you all.” Jordan’s parents were filthy rich, and lived in a mansion. They were usually not at home, which meant he held a lot of parties.

“Sure. Who’s coming?” I asked. Jordan licked his lips.

“Hot people.” He continued eating his sandwich.

“While at that subject, where is Naomi these days, Caleb?” Bryce asked. So, he did pay a little attention. Caleb chuckled.

“At practice.” Naomi was his current girlfriend. She played on the lacrosse team, and was on the cheerleading squad.

“Man… TBH, I’d hit….” Jordan remarked. Bryce nearly choked on his sandwich. Caleb looked Jordan in the eyes. Caleb interrupted.

“Dude, don’t you fuckin’ dare finish that sentence!”

I’d agree with Jordan. Naomi was one hot thing. She had baby blue eyes, and tanned skin. And her body was sent from god himself. Caleb was madly in love with her, and he always took the opportunity to brag.

Bryce high-fived Jordan. Whilst mumbling,

“Nice one.” Caleb shook his head.



After school, I met up with Caleb in the parking lot. We lived right next door to each other, so we always drove together. We got in the car, and he started the engine.

“Why don’t you ask a girl to the party on Friday?” He asked. I looked down.

“So, she can watch you and Naomi making out all night together with me? Romantic.” I replied. He giggled.

“Come on man, every girl at school would probably die to get an invitation from you.” He kept his gaze on the road. I would probably disagree with his statement. I mean, we might be some of the most popular guys in Senior class, but I doubt anyone would die.

“Huh?” He said, I realized I had been thinking for a long time, and answered him,

“I’ll find someone at the party.”


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