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1. Broken


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Broken Lyrics

By:Kaylee Torres



The girl:

Broken thoughts, Broken hearts

Broken minds, Broken stars

Broken lives


You do what you think is best

But you don't think about the consequences

I'm not your little  guest 

You can stop all those guesses


All you ever had was greed

All this girl ever wanted was to be freed

Whatever it takes

She will fix her mistakes


​If you stopped lookin'  at me 

I will fix them all you'll see

But you have mistakes too

So you have something to do




The: Boy


I'm sorry, If that's what you wanna hear

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make our love disappear

The reason for all those mistakes, I guess, was my fear

That you were gonna leave me here


I'm sorry




If only you knew

How much I care for you

All those things I did

Didn't think at the moment

​Now everything is broken




Broken thoughts, Broken hearts 

Broken minds, Broken stars

Broken lives




I really wanted to tell you

Before you left forever

That I really loved you

And we could've been together


The boy:


Wherever you are

Wherever you stand right now

I want you to now that I've found


Both Harmonizing:


A red fern growing next to our tombs

A Big blue moon


The girl:


I remember my childhood room

Where my imagination took me on adventures



The boy:


I remember My Childhood room 

Where anything was possible




Now that we're gone from that world

We've gone back in time


The boy: 


And I've found my girl


Both Harmonizing:


Now...Nothing Is Broken







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