Revolution in Another World

When I have opened my eyes in this world, as much as I had been fascinated by the fantasy of this land, I was also disturbed by the law of this world as well. In this world, slavery still exists and so was the status-oriented society. No matter how hard you try, there was no such thing as climbing in the ranks of society. The low class were treated as if they were an animal and the high class acted as if they were monarchs. What could I do to change this world? that was how my journey had begun.


7. Sixth Chapter - The Last Remaining Legacy

Revolution in Another World

The Last Remaining Legacy

When I reached the front yard of our house, I noticed that the entire house was intensely burning down into ashes. I tried to calm down the fire with the basic water magic, but it was barely enough to create a path to the place where Magiel was unconscious. Without any hesitation, I ran through the flames and dragged Magiel outside the house. What we had done for the past two years had been burnt and so was rest of Magiel's research that he had been doing alone for twenty years. Literary everything was reduced into formless ash.

Now that I had 

"What should I do now?" I whispered to myself.

Our years worth of research had been reduced into ashes and so was the house. However, the most upsetting part of this tragedy is the fact that Mr. Rustial hadn't regained his consciousness yet. He doesn't seem to be responsive and his body seemed to be a bit colder than usual. Help should be on our way and the two of us could finish writing the book together, right? 

"It can't be happening..." I began to face the harsh reality.

My mind had been forcing me to think that Mr. Rustial was merely unconscious and that he would be waking up at any moment now. However, in reality, he had already been dead the moment I found him on the house. What I had been trying to do this entire time was completely useless. I have lost everything that I had in this world and I couldn't do anything to prevent it. 

Why was this happening to us? Because we have been studying something that goes against the beliefs of the sect? Because we were trying to discover the truth behind the magic? Or because what we did was hindrance to the outrageous laws of this land? That shouldn't be right and someone else has to mark the end to it. If no one else is willing to, then it would be no one else other than me.

It was as if I had been engraved with a purpose for the first time I had been in this world. I had been a directionless wanderer ever since I came here but I have finally found my reason for existence after losing my entire world. The egg had been destroyed and the bird had been born to this world. My last remaining obsession to my previous world had been gone.

While I was preparing for a proper burial, I found the complete book hidden under his cape. He must had been ensuring for the safety of the book rather than his own life. Inside of the book, I found a note that suggests that by the time that I have opened the book, he would already have been dead. It seemed that he had already knew about his own death. Most of the note had been suggesting what I should do with the book, but the last sentences brought tears into my eyes.

"Live according to your own will."

What I was willing to do in this world had been conflicting to what he wanted me to do in this world. It was uncertain whether or not if these responsibilities were according to my own willingness, but I had no choice but to move on.

"Thank you for everything," I prayed for his happiness in the after life. 

That marked the beginning of my revolution in another world.


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