Revolution in Another World

When I have opened my eyes in this world, as much as I had been fascinated by the fantasy of this land, I was also disturbed by the law of this world as well. In this world, slavery still exists and so was the status-oriented society. No matter how hard you try, there was no such thing as climbing in the ranks of society. The low class were treated as if they were an animal and the high class acted as if they were monarchs. What could I do to change this world? that was how my journey had begun.


3. Second Chapter - Knowing Basics

Revolution in Another World

Knowing Basics

Maris seemed to be anxious about the fact that I had been selected with the black status plate. It took some time before she realized that she had been acting unusually in front of her client. Her face became red the moment she knew about it. I didn't mind it any particularly, but she seemed to be taking it seriously. 

Anyways, I asked her what the meaning of the black status card meant and she replied that it represented one's potential. In other words, the darker the color of status plate is, the more potential the person has. However, that raised me questions about the average status and what was the advantage of the potential. 

"Most of our statuses as a level one is around forty," Maris handed me a comparison sheet.

According what I have heard from Maris, the statuses as a level one will be around tenfold the original by the time one reaches maximum level. However, most of us don't have the opportunity to reach the highest level. The average level of a farmer who works at a farm until his retirement is around thirty. Even the adventurers who survive until their retirement only reaches level seventy. The black status card indicates that a person will be fated to reach the pinnacles. 

Because of my lacking physical abilities, I asked Maris what work was available for someone like me. 

"You could start as an apprentice magician and work your way up to grand magician!" Maris brought the names of magicians who were willing to take a disciple.

"What is an advantage of becoming an apprentice magician?" I asked Maris.

"You will be able to learn magic and your status will increase higher," Maris replied.

I began to look through the names and the descriptions of the magicians and there was a person who I was most interested in.

"Who is Magiel Rustial?" I directed at the poster.

"You could say that he is an odd person...." Maris didn't seemed to much about him.

"Could you schedule a meeting with him?" I asked enthusiastically

"Sure," Maris accepted.



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