Revolution in Another World

When I have opened my eyes in this world, as much as I had been fascinated by the fantasy of this land, I was also disturbed by the law of this world as well. In this world, slavery still exists and so was the status-oriented society. No matter how hard you try, there was no such thing as climbing in the ranks of society. The low class were treated as if they were an animal and the high class acted as if they were monarchs. What could I do to change this world? that was how my journey had begun.


2. First Chapter - A Step by Step

Revolution in Another World

A Step by Step

As I wondered through the streets, I learnt that the language in this world was nearly the same as ours. I wondered how that could be possible or what the chance of this coincident was, but I was glad that there wasn't a need for me to learn another language. I asked the bystanders where I could find a workplace and one of them told me that there was a building across the main street known as guild that regularly posts short term jobs on the board. When I entered the building, I saw dozens of wooden tables across the stone floors where many armed mercenaries known as adventurers were feasting with a large cup of beer and an entire table full of various delicacies. 

"Congrats to Raziel for subjugating the dragon!" A short bearded man shouted out in front of the crowd.

"You don't need to say it that loud, Mr. Rokhal!" The young man with light black hair and a pair of round hazelnut eyes tried to ease down the crowd.

"No need to be modest, boy!" The bearded man kept with his laughter.

"I apologize for my late greetings," A receptionist with fluent blonde hair and a kind expression approached me.

"My name is Maris and I am one of the receptionist working in this guild. Do you need my assistance?"

"Y...yes!" My words wasn't constant because I wasn't able to talk to anyone for more than twenty days. It had been always like this since the day I was transported to this land, but I think I will be fine in few days.

"Follow me," Maris showed me the names and the uses of the guild building as we walked toward the receptionist stand.

"What would you like to ask me?" 

"Is there any work I can do without any background?" I raised my hand.

"Of course! Guild doesn't ask for your background, but for your capabilities as an adventurer!" Maris explained in a comfortable tone, but it changed into a bit somberly tone as she followed.

"However, you need to be aware that death will be always present with you."

"I understand," I confirmed.

"Could you drop your blood on this card please?" Maris handed me a stone tablet and a small knife.

I used the knife to cut open a small wound on my right index finger and a droplet of my blood fell down to the stone plate. The stone plate began to crumble and the stone on the outside became a dust and its black surface had been revealed. Maris seemed to be surprised at the first glance of the black card and she asked me what was written in the plate. I read them about aloud to her.

[Eugene Han][Level 1][18][No Class][??????????]





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