Revolution in Another World

When I have opened my eyes in this world, as much as I had been fascinated by the fantasy of this land, I was also disturbed by the law of this world as well. In this world, slavery still exists and so was the status-oriented society. No matter how hard you try, there was no such thing as climbing in the ranks of society. The low class were treated as if they were an animal and the high class acted as if they were monarchs. What could I do to change this world? that was how my journey had begun.


8. Extra Chapter - End of the Wanderer

Revolution in Another World

End of the Wanderer

"Have you heard about the magician who enters the dungeon by himself?" An ordinary knight from the guild tables brought a subject to converse with his teammates.

"Maybe the knights, but not the magicians," The magician of the team imagined what it would be like to travel alone as a magician. In an environment where mistakes could lead to death, it was important to have someone trustworthy enough to cover their backs especially for the magicians who depended on the knights to support them.

"It might be plausible if he went to the countryside dungeon or something."

"He was recently seen in the city dungeon near the capital," The Knight added.

The difficulties of the dungeons raise based on the population density meaning that the dungeons in the urban areas are more challenging than the ones in the rural areas. While the royal knights and the royal magicians were to be responsible for the urban dungeons while the adventurers were to work in the rural dungeons. Rural dungeons involves hours to days of travelling and the compensation for the work may depend on the adventurer's luck. 

"Why haven't we known about him until now?" The Elf Archer from the team spoke out.

Indeed, the work of an adventurer had always been financially unstable and hazardous. The chance of the newbie adventurer making through their fast year was about forty percent. One of the major reasons behind their deaths was the lack of knowledge about the monsters and their habitats. Knowledge should be fulfilled from years of experience, but even then, the chance of an adventurer surviving through their retirement is around sixty percent. 

Not to mention how low their compensations are and how dependent their lives were on the hands of their clients. If the clients were to lower their rewards altogether, then the adventurers had no choice but to comply to these unfairness as long as they are above bare minimum. Why would anyone choose to remain as an adventurer if they could stand side to side with the royal knights or the royal magicians?

"Have you guys heard about Maris?" The Martial Artist, who seemed to have an interest in Maris, called out.

"What happened?" The rest of them asked the Martial Artist.

"Today is her last day!" The Martial Artist seemed to be anxious.

Maris had been their receptionist for a while and she was one of the kindest person that they had been working with. Anyone could tell that she was one of the hardest working receptionist who had been friendly toward anyone whom she have met. No one knows for sure what had been responsible for her retirement. What if the two odd events were related to one another? That is a story for another time. 

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