Words of feeling

Words of million thought and treasures new meaning to some bizzare words,


Author's note

Good time, book
Co pyrite

2. sayings and Suoerticiousye meanings

Orginal and new

Friday the thirteenth cross black cat mean bad luck

Ooen umbrella in the house bad luck 

New Let's play flashback card game by words of meaning 

Write your words on a empty space and make fun create new ways to spell

Figure out the real word though 

Can you spell, these words and ask what they mean write cards 

This, one U  tha guessed Utah your correct  

We'd ning ? Guessed wedding your correct 


Laught er guessed laughter your correct 

Meduim challenge of   flashback 

Tom mor row guessed tommorow your correct 

4 2 nite guessed saying four two night your right 

Let's play more flashback in guessing words, ready for hard challenge..

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