THe FIrst Fear

Suddenly a unknown cause took then, them unknowingly a bunk of campers find a new reality of horrors in a book of evil magics, unknown to a unreal reality, and a sudden mysterious, wrk of how evil spawned one of the campers find out, the truth may ?


Author's note


4. Thhe first fear, campers wish

it was a clear and sunny day, the day seemed ordinary, but she, and her friends knew, something more, herb ams obviously kept them quite. This camp grounds seemed beutifully and strangely majestic.

They seem soft spoken or the woods were, a quite an eary noise, the best was the woods behind the great lake.

The very sudden moves and walk of the fear she saw, brought the chills down there spines. The next day seemed ordinary they were all suppose, to go on this journey and a somehow.

One of the campers saw, there fear chill, them they dreamt of something the nite before.

He always knew but who? The camper knew?

The question remain as the very, many of them  had never remebered there names, untill that day and night began to, fizzle a re,entered a journey of camo, the woods of great wishes.

Suddenly he woke up, what's your name he said? I could remeber quite clear, im jassy she said. Let's go back to the camo, camp.

They all packed yet suddenly the day moved so fast night was trimming the. Sky seemed so delightful and the stars were such c,ear as the natural sounds of the night gazed down.

The chilling remaining of the, sudden nightmare began.

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