THe FIrst Fear

Suddenly a unknown cause took then, them unknowingly a bunk of campers find a new reality of horrors in a book of evil magics, unknown to a unreal reality, and a sudden mysterious, wrk of how evil spawned one of the campers find out, the truth may ?


Author's note


1. Life happens, camp

THe early years that lead to a continuous and udder msystery of a bizarre incident, lead to one camper, perhaps thanks, surviving the memories of Gregory hut, wasn't easy to forget, as teen seeing the most scariest monster in the forest reins new meories of utter horror, so scray that, the only thing left was, a vivid flashback.

The only way and Surviveryes of the missing evil of the camp that decked. A mysterious boat, and under a deep deck lay a book, of angelic powers of musical sounds.

But Gregory knew this was no pure goodness, it was life under a evil curse, what happened to his dear freinds somewhat and the nightmares that stil go under the dark.

Gregory hut coukd never forget the book that went missing and, the monster in the, deep forest that was under somewhere scryu ess and evil horrors were so extreme that this boook mellowed it,muni own of musical and fearless, factors it tamed the life behind.

Gregory story was about enjoying camp and the freinds you make but this bizarre ending seemed unreal.

Somewhat ten or more years back, a first teen, started to seem lie ca,o was a good ideal, then a mysterious and memories, of the flasback lead to a sudden dream Gregory usualy doesn't belive dreams exist, his con uous saw one monster in the fresh Canadian widsrness, suddenly growing into a man took his teen age years and spun it into scary book, unknown to Gregory the book shed the evil beyond a monster, and it's fear was unknown. The very fear lurked behind the dreams of the door that was locked.

Gregory, saw camo of his camp and wanted to know why, he didn't rememebr the last things after the camp went out. Possibly this lead to his leavin camo camp.


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