THe FIrst Fear

Suddenly a unknown cause took then, them unknowingly a bunk of campers find a new reality of horrors in a book of evil magics, unknown to a unreal reality, and a sudden mysterious, wrk of how evil spawned one of the campers find out, the truth may ?


Author's note


3. First fear a missing story part one

it all, seemed like a dream at first, this never really came about until, the night was on a full moon, the camp was, clean woodsy and had many forgotten secrets.

What was so scary was, the fact that, this very woods that, had many unknown curses of true and undoubted wishes. Many thought it was upon the stars.

The stars gazed the moon, on very clear nights, almost every night seemed starry, clear and undoubtly magical. Unknown to many was a monsterous being hiding deep down in these woods.

The first and ever magic, began when every camper saw there wish somehow, being dreamt and wished upon, almost suddenly they knew they could feel some sort of felling.

Upon sleeping in the great woods of this campsite.

It was truly magical at first but then sudden things became wanted, a curse of there ️true ️happy endings, this was never meant to be a happy ending.

Perhaps the saying is true no wish is trully great nor does it have great distinctive, happiness.

The ️️true monster was bargaining on every campers wish, that the chills and night sweat was there fear.

Among the trails leaked a book or curse among the first to find it was a ️happy camper day to seek the mysterious things going on way, down deep in this unearthed unreal.

Things of sureal and urban mystery. But the noises and eary sounds continued too come across the fear of many campers. It was if the whole woods was suddenly caving upon one nightmare. It ceased to exist. Yet beyond it was the scraides thing?

A trey of nightmares life seemed perfect before this? How could this nightmare be so bad it just was one night wish and amny dealt the same it was about to become real?

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