Toxic LOOt

One town finds new but obvious ways to make money instead of toxic waste and other hazards, surviving the town of gill born Utah leads to a, mosnster, that lives in new science labs and tries to exhibit a unfamiliar way and, use humans for, new science experiments of extra mutant, until a missing money bill finds a treasure of unknown wealth, and starts new monster civilization


Author's note

Suspense horror , new era

2. Thhe meltdown

The melted town became a wonderful but not so great area, and the museum hall that harrbored a mustang, of some sort became a extra ️️secret somehow the, doctor saw agreat amount of super good locked up in a wasted barrel. Thhe ️️secret and the key unlocked a clue that agge the pill to sudden cute of is amnesia, somehow the afater math gave news to a missing cave.

Suddenly memeorys came back but poeple started to watch their backs, a new fear of unknown, U respected stashes of any kind of enormous money would settle the toxic miracle within.

The doctor and his new experiments with these mutants would somehow bring the new science into a already unknow material.

Was this a doctor of science or greed and money?

Not much was know but an amount of priceless things favored a graet deal of, science somehow the, pills that were out in a barrel caused sudden amnesia.

So the people who had side effects got a great deal of unknown side effects including,

Looting giving away things and many bizzare behaviors, some weird too.

Howevr this manifested into a kind of bad and, last behaviors to cause monsterios eviks in such a town, that the greed was, more monsterous so far, but soe other creepy way of laundering or science were locked up in one lab.


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