Toxic LOOt

One town finds new but obvious ways to make money instead of toxic waste and other hazards, surviving the town of gill born Utah leads to a, mosnster, that lives in new science labs and tries to exhibit a unfamiliar way and, use humans for, new science experiments of extra mutant, until a missing money bill finds a treasure of unknown wealth, and starts new monster civilization


Author's note

Suspense horror , new era

5. thee meltdown...escape of the lab

Dr who suddenly he forgot his name, was this doctor in the lab playing memory games or taken by amnesia . It was just around the corner, this great lab , of genius science, was in the arms of a meltdown and suddenly the doctor?Forgot his names?

I ask you your name, many question that? How could we forget the twin, of a doctor.

We, and others of gill Bourne thought this lab was hiding something more?

Obviously the meltdown caused some calamity of the science beyond recognition.

I don't remember the doctor was, asked about his name? He couldn't maybe, he was telling the truth.

Gil Bourne town of two hundred, started to move next door, a complete udder, disater of toxic waste, somehow somhow, all survived but, strangely all of the, had so e sort of memory distortions?

I Can't remeber, many thought the same and all coming from the town of gill Bourne answered the same way.

The lab i once knew, the doctor became somewhat it rated with the questions from then exit, the door the. Town over needed to know something about this disaster.

It seemed like the toxicity levels were getting impulsive and, moving in their way toward amnseia of things. I need a lab to be here.

The lab was somewhere so, the doctor, decided to bring his workers andsome of the, rest to find pieces back of that lab? Perhaps something was still alive?

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