Toxic LOOt

One town finds new but obvious ways to make money instead of toxic waste and other hazards, surviving the town of gill born Utah leads to a, mosnster, that lives in new science labs and tries to exhibit a unfamiliar way and, use humans for, new science experiments of extra mutant, until a missing money bill finds a treasure of unknown wealth, and starts new monster civilization


Author's note

Suspense horror , new era

3. THee meltdown .. Escape part one

the town got a name, gill Bourne somehow it was never remebred from before, strangely it always was somehow forgotten.

The doctor who suddenly had all the papers locked sown his keys, inside the lab got extremely overheated, in a mess, the working people had rushed quickly out, and the sudden heat started to melt the very lab of the radioactive and experiential equipment.

The now hopeless discovery seemed somewhat far fetched, and the poeple of gill Bourne Utah suddenly ran as far as they could to escape the very, sudden meltdown this lab was experiencing.

For years the very understanding of radioactive becoming useful, was unknown.

Huge money was at stake, and the lab had many mutated secrets, unknown to a few, and useful things, a more common town strated to become more and more scientifically useful.

Working hours long and hard proved thoerys about one doctors find for useful, medicine however it may be used.

The somewhat disturbing things behind, a top secret lab that was soon, being destroyed.

Had one antidote behind a unknown chemical , this was needed for further experiment.

Since it was not here anymore, and the years it served depended on it, the bad side was more likely that gill Bourne Utah needed to find the second antidote to the missing lab.

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