Toxic LOOt

One town finds new but obvious ways to make money instead of toxic waste and other hazards, surviving the town of gill born Utah leads to a, mosnster, that lives in new science labs and tries to exhibit a unfamiliar way and, use humans for, new science experiments of extra mutant, until a missing money bill finds a treasure of unknown wealth, and starts new monster civilization


Author's note

Suspense horror , new era

1. THe Meltdown

UTah seemed far from any other area and the sun always melted the summer days, left people in a muck. Suddenly the town started to unknow there own town, noticed a great a wonderful, array of sudden wealth suddenly things, got odd.

For one the toxic things about the area, it was waste and other hazards, that weren't just getting people, in a conduits fear, but noticing a great deal of, sudden changes.

The atmosphere seemed glowing with true and undoubtful dreams, but somehow the great aspects of finding, a sudden slew of  radiative materials full energy and hope for futures of wealth. This energy was great and safe.

The oddest and newts of jobs came about and, the only town that was mysteriously unknown to the nearest Utah towns was possibly nowhere, it took hard labor and time to discover a new kind of radioactive atmosphere just above the deserted town ahead of the 

Town. It was just another seemingly intern of events, the only grave horror lay in the fact that this radioactive waste was full of unknow, but unrealistic riches. That, led a mysterious creature between  a new lab of, why the radioactive good was just so experimental.

It was after, dawn and the lab that soon saw new science begin, however how it got here or why Utah was the only state, well within a unknown, cause.

A man and his will discoverd the great and awning skys above this Utah, way, it choose it deep, hoever something eary, caught the eye of this utah, man he was secretive about all names, and suddenly forgot, his own amnesia ran rampart, suddenly this odd occurrence could been due to radioactive material, it's self had one doctor of science keeping, a great deal of one mysterious material.

Dr keen Utah had a pill but no cure, and the sudden experiments left the Utah sky dark dim and full of radiative, science somehow, big monster got mutated in the lab, somehow fear struck a more unknow source the pockets and, town at a cave under deep, lay more then the unknown.

Once the Dr pulled out and found a mutant of Somesort he didn't know what or what kind of radioactive material was so safe but particularly causing this.

The study and lab locked far away and the dr, sooon looked for any conscious people ready to seek help.

The cars packed up and the town saw a great deal of, super science, still in Thier trucks the next day the sudden nightmare became a reality.




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