Paradise Over the Horizon

Our world used to be ordinary until the day when some of us awakened supernatural abilities. Some of us could fly through the open air without wings, breath fire from their mouth, or form ice from thin air. However, their existence brought conflicts as some of them abused their abilities to commit crimes. The conflict between the awakened and the non-awakened brought the Centennial War where at least ninety percent of the world's population had deceased. Here is the story of a person who have ended the war.


1. Prologue - The Centennial War

Paradise Over the Horizon

The Centennial War

It was the one of the most discomforting days of the summer when the selective humans known as the [Awakened] suddenly received their abilities. While there were some who have used their abilities to help others and their surrounding, there were those who abused their abilities to commit crimes and live according to their desires. The appearance of these super humans brought chaos into the society. How would they be able to live accordingly with people who are basically carrying a firearm whenever and wherever they go? Not to mention how a certain surge of emotion could easily trigger their weapons toward someone else.

The constant conflict between the awakened and the non-awakened marked the beginning of the Centennial War. It was during this period of time when the countries began to separate into territories where the strongest awakened in the area ruled. If there was anywhere on the surface of earth where an ordinary person could live in peace, then it would be the capital cities of most major countries where the awakened and the non-awakened live in coexistence. It was held by a system where the awakened would be held down by their own fame and status to make sure that they have a reason to follow the law and serve the people.

To the awakened who obeys the law and vows to protect the peace, the name of the Knight were given to them. Each one of them were able to take out at least an army of ten-thousand soldiers and the only ones who could rival them were the leaders of the territories themselves. In this world, there are a bit less than four digits of Knight who live across the globes. However, even they couldn't mark the end to the meaningless war. 

It was then the Freelancing Knights known as the [Hermit] and [Meister] brought the turning point in the war. The Knight with the unparalleled supernatural ability, Hermit, and the Knight with singular physical ability, Meister, fought with hundred thousands of awakened and hundreds of territorial leaders by themselves.

Here is the story of Ray Hartman and Dwight Augusta during their years of journey toward the end of the war.  

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