Paradise Over the Horizon

Our world used to be ordinary until the day when some of us awakened supernatural abilities. Some of us could fly through the open air without wings, breath fire from their mouth, or form ice from thin air. However, their existence brought conflicts as some of them abused their abilities to commit crimes. The conflict between the awakened and the non-awakened brought the Centennial War where at least ninety percent of the world's population had deceased. Here is the story of a person who have ended the war.


2. First Chapter - The Meister of the West

Paradise Over the Horizon

The Beginning of the Journey

In the western continent, the outlaw known as the [Iron Fort] had been ruling the territory of the Krusia for several decades. Out of the hundreds of territories that exists within the continent, it was one of the five territories which had been able to conquer an entire capital of a major country. The citizens who used to live in the capital were enslaved by the harsh regulations and unfair treatment. Most of those who are able to work had been sent to factories and other workplaces to work for twelve years a day without resting. If one were to disobey their orders, then the outcome of the revolt would be devastating.

As I walked through the streets with grayish sky, the sobbing of the children who were forced to work as a mailman, the cries of mothers who were begging for a food to feed their child, and the groaning of everyone who were being forced to overwork with their dying bodies confirmed that what I am to do with this city was justifiable.

One of the ways that they used to show their dominance over them was to execution of uncooperative ones. It was the only time in the entire town where the citizens were allowed to stop their work and gather in the town squares to watch what would happen to them if they were to go against them. As the crowd gathered to the center of the town, the subordinates of the Iron Fort began to march through the streets in uniform. This time, the person who was brought to be executed was a young child whose eyes clearly stated that he doesn't want to live in this world anymore.

"John Smith! You have been summoned here because of your revolt toward our leader!" The one who seemed to be leader of the Iron Fort's underling spoke aloud in front of the crowd. 

"If you ask for our leader's mercy-"

"Tell your leader that there is a special place for him in hell," The child grinned.

Most of those who are sent to be executed don't bother to call out their frustrations at Iron Fort because they have nothing more to lose. If these bastards were number one reason why your loved ones had to be buried under the dirt, then you wouldn't be able to help yourself but to curse at them for what they have done. The subordinate grew more irritated by the seconds and the one who had been planned to execute him had his ax ready to separate his head away from the rest of his body.

"Not a single word that came from this child is wrong," My words gathered the center of attention toward me and the subordinate ordered the crowd to move away from the person who said out these words.

When the crowd had been divided away to create a mass of empty space center around me, the subordinates came down to the main street with their swords drawn out from their back.

"Are you an idiot? Why would you stay in the spot?" The subordinate directed his blade at my throat.

"You would have brought someone else as a hostage, won't you?" I stared at the subordinates with mocking attitude.

"Why don't you want to make it simple between the two of us? You will die painlessly if you bring me to the place where your leader is-"

"Or else?" The subordinates began to laugh, but as soon as they realized that one of their comrades had a massive hole in his torso, the rest of them became dead silent.

"Do we have a deal?" I smiled.




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