After getting kicked out of his home, eleven year old Edgar Craaven, is transformed into a raven by a crazed nature alchemist and is forced to survive with the help of his friend William Tuck. But after an almost deadly plane crash, Edgar finds himself thrown into a land that seemingly doesn't even exist. Now he's forced to survive in a strange world while at the same time falling head over heels for a beautiful young girl. However when she is murdered, Edgar begins to struggle to keep his sanity together.


9. Chapter 8: London, England 1977 Day 17

 After many more hours of pure silence between Will and I, we eventually landed on a small church roof. Will and I were both extremely exhausted from the long flight (that I insisted we should make). William had tried to ask me what I had done to Hawky in detail, but I ignored him, purposely forcing him to save all questions for when we landed. I honestly didn't want to talk about Hawky's grizzly murder, but Will wouldn't cease with asking me all sorts of questions concerning how I was able to turn into a human. He still believes me being a natural raven is the normal thing; but what he doesn't know is that being human is the normal thing.

      "Edgar...I know that yer tired but can you please explain to me the truth?" Will asked me groggily. I looked at him with my eyes half closed; I wasn't just tired, I was on the verge of collapsing.

      "Will... I can explain everything to you in the morning. But right now I want to sleep." I explained, my words slurred slightly from exhaustion. William was silent as he pondered whether or not he should let me sleep or not. But eventually he sighed and nodded slightly, before hopping further up the roof and curling into a ball at the base of a small Christ statue.

     I yawned, feeling thankful that Will left me alone until morning, and feeling tired about that absurd flight that really wasn't necessary. I walked up to the section where the roof pointed, and I rested there, balanced perfectly on the intricate looping design that bordered the entire church and gave it a Gothic look.

    I listened to the sounds of the cars driving past, far down below. The sound was annoying yet soothing as it somewhat reminded me of the times when I had a home...and a family. I'm not sure how it reminded me of those times, but it did; and I fell into a deep slumber with dreams of my mother...

Day 18                                                                                              

    I awoke the next morning feeling quite cold. The distant rooftops were obscured in fog and the sky was a foreboding grey color that threatened rain.

    This weather isn't anything new. I thought to myself, yawning and stretching. I looked in Will's direction and saw he was still sleeping peacefully. The more I stared at the sleeping raven, the more I began to remember yesterday, and Will's angry order for me to tell the truth.

     An uneasy feeling started to build up in my stomach and I had to look away. I didn't want to tell him the truth, I don't know why I just didn't. I don't know if it was because it would be too hard to explain, or if I just wanted to keep my true self a secret.

     I'm not even sure if Will would ever accept me after this. He said so himself that he had a strong dislike towards humans, but it wasn't strong enough that he avoided them. He knew they had food so that was the only reason he didn't hate them entirely. What would he think of me? I thought, ruffling my neck feathers to keep warm in the morning chill.

     I was lost in thought for a long time, so lost in thought I didn't even notice William wake up and walk towards me.

     "Somethin' wrong?" he wondered, tucking his talons underneath him. His voice knocked me out of thought and for a few seconds I looked around with a face like I had just heard a ghost.

      "Oh! Will! Oh...No...there's nothing wrong." I exclaimed once I saw him staring at me. He continued to look at me calmly, waiting for me to say something more. I sighed and looked down at the early morning traffic. I didn't say anything to Will, however.

      "Now that we're energized and ready for a new day... Would you care to explain what 'appened last night?" William mumbled slowly. I looked back at him with sad eyes, mentally preparing myself for his reaction that would most likely leave me alone.

      "I've... always been... a human." I started, looking back at the roads. William stayed silent.

       "My father came home drunk one day and kicked me out of the house for being too different from him. Shortly after... he killed himself." William narrowed his eyes in sympathy, as if he knew what that must've felt like.

       "I stupidly went to the nearest shelter around... a pub where my father always went. And that's when Hawky took advantage of the situation and turned me into a raven. I managed to fly all the way to London but I collapsed, hit my head, and I guess I forgot how to fly." I paused for a brief second, thinking of what to say next, when Will picked up where I left off.

      "And then from there you met me and the story went on? Well then 'ow are you able to change back?" I looked at the bird with confused eyes, more of how I was going to explain that... one day...

      "When Hawky kidnapped me two days ago, He was the one, I assume, who turned me back first... He tried to make a deal with me. I stay with him and he'll give me everything I need to survive... or I live on my own and fulfill a... fate that I was supposedly destined for." I paused again, nearing the part in the story where things become quite gruesome. I shuddered at the thought.

      "He offered me a necklace if I stayed with him... I'm not sure what kind of necklace it was but all I knew is that I wanted it. I could... actually hear it... calling for me. But the only thing is that I didn't want to stay with Hawky to get it... So I..." My voice began to crack and trail off, I couldn't finish the sentence even if Will stared at me, expecting me to finish.

      "What did you do, boy?" William asked quietly and sweetly. I looked at him with a pained look in my eyes, "I k-ki-killed him!" I whimpered, I sounded terrible, as if someone had been standing on my throat and I was forced to yell something important. It was nearly impossible to say it, and once Will heard it, he too, was shocked. He must've been thinking, "How could a young, weak, small bird like this defeat a gigantic hawk like him?"

     "I...uh...Is...dear lord... I 'ave no words right now." Will said, looking away from me. I looked away from him as well, I couldn't bear to look into his eyes again after that. He probably feels betrayed, lied to, he can't trust me anymore.

     "You should've told me this earlier." William mumbled, still gazing down at the pavement below. I looked at him, feeling ashamed about what I've done.

     "As much as I 'ated that damn 'awk I never thought a child would kill him! You said a rock killed 'im! You lied to me!" William shot his eyes in my direction and I gulped at the glare he gave me.

     "I-I'm sorry!" I whimpered, cowering as low as I possibly could.

      "I trusted you, Edgar! You're about as good as a thief!'re worse than a thief... you're a murderer!" William hissed, puffing his chest and staring cruelly at me. I whimpered again, I wanted to hide and cry, but there was nowhere to go.

      "Why the bloody 'ell didn't you tell me this earlier?!" Will asked, now infuriated. I looked up at him with scared eyes.

       "I-I-I thought y-you would leave me i-i if I did." I stuttered. Will stared at me for a long time. It was uncomfortable, and beyond frightening, but eventually he sighed and backed down.

       "The thing is, Edgar, I don't want you doing things that could get you killed. And now that I know what you can do... I don't want you doing things that can get you arrested... I care about you as if you were my own son; it would pain me to see you dead or taken away..." William explained, looking away sadly. I continued to gaze at him, shocked that he said such a thing.

     As Will continued to stare down below, deep in thought, I finally stood up, turned human, and picked the bird up. Will gasped in surprise but I ignored him, and instead, I brought him to my chest and gently hugged him.

     "Edgar... what are you doing?" he asked, completely confused. I tightened my grip on him; I actually felt quite happy now that I knew William was just worried for me.

      "I'm hugging you, that's what I'm doing." I answered, smiling slightly. "I'm sorry if I upset you." I continued. William chuckled and turned his head to look at me.

       "I'm sorry I yelled... but you should understand children need a good scolding now and then... especially if they killed a man." I laughed at Will's apology, it was sincere, but the way he finished his statement off was hilarious. 

       "Yes... if your son killed someone, scold him nice and good...ground him if you have to." I joked, eventually bursting into laughter and putting Will down. He laughed as well, and for another few minutes, we just laughed and joked about grounding children and bad parenting.

     It was the first time I've laughed that hard since... well... I don't know when the last time I laughed that hard was. But all I know is that I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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