After getting kicked out of his home, eleven year old Edgar Craaven, is transformed into a raven by a crazed nature alchemist and is forced to survive with the help of his friend William Tuck. But after an almost deadly plane crash, Edgar finds himself thrown into a land that seemingly doesn't even exist. Now he's forced to survive in a strange world while at the same time falling head over heels for a beautiful young girl. However when she is murdered, Edgar begins to struggle to keep his sanity together.


6. Chapter 5: London, England 1977 Day 13

"Edgar! Can ya bring that twig up 'ere if yer not using it?" William calls from above me in his nest. I looked in front of me and saw the twig he was referring to; there was nothing special about it that I could see but I guess Will was just running out of sticks where he was at. I hastily picked it and gave it to Will, before I returned to my nest and settled down within the old owl feathers and soft leaves. William was kind enough to give me the old owl nest and, albeit reluctantly  volunteered to make his own from scratch.

The soft rustling from above me was quite soothing as I I closed my eyes and tried to sleep for the first time without the comforting sounds of the city. The forest was good too, but strange animals and noises startled me. Eventually I fell asleep, but my dreams were just faint, brief images of my family and the nightmares I experienced.

Day 14

A loud snap and a chattering sound disturbs my sleep the next morning. I wearily open my eyes and see a squirrel sitting on the branch in front of me, cracking a nut and every so often, taking a small bite out of the inside.

I lifted my head and stared intently at the rodent, inspecting it sneakily.

It continued to annoyingly bash the walnut against the branch and ignore me. That simple fact gave me an advantage to sneaking up on it. I got up and readied myself to lunge after it.

The sudden noise of me running towards the creature alerts it and it immediately takes off, abandoning the nut and leaping onto another branch. I fly after it, too focused on the squirrel to acknowledge my noise.

The squirrel jumps from tree to tree, always narrowly escaping my talons. I tease it around the trees, driving it higher and higher in an attempt to corner it.

If I catch it, Will would certainly be pleased. I think to myself as I fly through some more branches after the animal.

After a few minutes of the chase, the squirrel ducks into a small hole in the tree, similar to the one I slept in, except this one was filled with an entire family. This squirrel is definitely an idiot.

What kind of squirrel endangers its entire family? I'm not sure, all I know is the more the merrier. I land on the branch leading to the hole and stare at the creatures menacingly. One of the squirrels hissed angrily and threw a nearby nut at me.

It missed by a few inches and I chuckled before charging into the nest and clawing at everything-anything I could get my claws on.

I'm not sure what happened, all I know is that feathers and fur were flying, as the squirrels were clawing at me as I tore at their flesh and probably already trampled their children. My ears were filled with the sound of hissing, cawing and nails against the bark of the tree.

Finally, my talons caught a firm hold on something. I immediately evacuated the nest and left the dead family for... possibly other birds to get I guess.

I brought the dead squirrel in my claws back up to Will's nest, hoping he would appreciate my first catch on my own.

I dropped the squirrel into Will's nest and cawed at him to wake up. He growled angrily and started to curse under his breath, but when he saw me, he relaxed and asked, "Wha' is it?"

"Breakfast." I stated, pushing the dead rodent with my beak towards Will. "Oh." he returned, no trace of any anger in his voice and staring greedily at the squirrel.

He got up and stretched before taking hold of the squirrel in his own beak and yanking cruelly. His actions took me by surprise as I was flung forward. The rodent was pulled straight out of my mouth and I was thrown into the nest. I landed with a grunt and picked myself up, giving Will an angered glare.

"Apologies, I should'a warned ya." Will said, stifling a laugh. 

"Yeah...ha, ha, very funny." I growled, picking myself up and taking the squirrel in my beak again.

"We'll split it." Will stated, before grabbing a half of the squirrel dangling out in front of my beak. He nodded, and together we pulled as hard as we could. After a few seconds the squirrel ripped in half and just like that- Will and I had our breakfast.

. . .

"So tell me, why is Mr. 'Awk after us?" Will asked, picking at the last bits of flesh on the rodent. I swallowed my piece and thought for a second. I wasn't sure why he was after me. I doubt Hawky had anything to do with Will.

"I think Hawky was after me. He did chase after me." I answered eventually. Will cocked his head to the side, "Why was 'e after you?"

"He had a grudge on me since I was a...a chick." I responded, keeping as close to the truth as possible. He wouldn't believe me if I told him the truth about me...who would?

Will started to laugh, "So, what yer sayin' is... if I leave ya 'ere... I won't be killed?" 

I scoffed, "Nice to know you still don't care even though you went through the trouble of staying this long. What ever happened to teaching me how to fly and then leaving?" Will immediately shut himself up and looked around at the forest as if even he was confused. I didn't blame him. If I were sending mixed signals and the person I was with pointed them out, I would probably be the same way.

"W-well, I dunno... I guess 'cause you're a kid... I dunno..." he mumbled awkwardly. I stared at him intently, thoroughly unimpressed. He didn't even know why he stayed... oh well, he's stuck with me now.

Eventually the raven clearly grew uncomfortable with my intent gaze and looked back up at me with a threatening stare, "Wha' you staring at, boy? You don't know my life! Piss off!" I rolled my eyes but otherwise listened to him as I turned to perch on the edge of his nest.

After a few awkward moments, Will suddenly blurted out, "By God! That squirrel wasn't that filling. What say we go to a buffet and eat till we can't even fly?" 

I looked over my shoulder at him and cooed approvingly, "Sounds like a plan." I agreed, "Lets go."

Will cawed joyfully, "And maybe then, I can teach you how to really fly on the way there." and just like that, he flew off. A little late on my reaction, I stumbled back into the nest and clumsily followed after him, struggling to keep up with his speed.


"Edgar stop flapping like a bloody crow! Let the wind carry ya." William scolded rudely, noticing my excessive flapping to keep up with him. I paused momentarily in an attempt to listen to him, but I was quickly overpowered by the breeze and I had to keep up with my continuous flapping. The raven sighed, "Watch and learn, boy." he instructed. I watched him as the wind approached and he ever-so-slightly tilted his wings back to allow the air to flow over and under him, lifting him higher in the air and pushing him faster. I stopped flapping again, deciding to try again by copying his exact movements. I steadied myself, letting the wind control my speed. William's demonstration actually worked! I suddenly found myself at a cruising speed not too far from Will's speed.

He flapped only barely so I did the same and together we soared over England, admiring the many buildings and sights there were to behold. But, to be honest, I thought the river Thames and the Tower of London were the best sights I ever saw.

A gentle sunrise lit up the city and the sky with an amazing orange-yellow glow. It's rays traveled in and out of London's alleyways and reflected brilliantly off the Thames. I was so caught up with the scenery, that I never noticed Will had ordered me to dive. So when I finally did see him flying for his life and circling the buildings looking for a place to hide, I was utterly confused. Was this part of the training?

I looked all around me for any cause of the raven's fear, but I saw nothing but the open cloudy sky. I was still greatly confused but I tried to fly after Will anyway, but just before I could fold my wings in a dive, I felt the sharp talons of another bird wrap themselves around my scrawny body tightly. I cawed loudly in distress and in the corner of my eye, I saw Will flying after me, although he was quickly falling behind.

Even though I couldn't see my captor, it didn't take much for me to realize who it was...Hawky.

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