Seductive Fire

A story where a vampire falls in love with her enemy.
Copyright @lukie_wife_hemmo 2018


1. Chapter One

 Alishah's P.O.V

I wake up to my alarm for the fourth time this week, then realize it's Thursday, and figure out that I have exactly three days until my birthday (18th if it's Human years). I smile. Getting up, I unplug my phone. I have several texts and Instagram notifications. I check the texts, and they are just from my best friend, so I reply. The Instagram notifications are from my online friends, so I reply to them too, then get ready. I put on a black mini dress, white leather jacket, and white heels. I do my makeup, making sure that it matches my clothing. Picking up my handbag, I chuck my portable charger, lead, headphones, and phone in. I then pick up my purse to check if I had put my cards in, and to see if I would have to get money out of an ATM. I have about $90 in my purse, and all five of my cards are in the bag. I put my purse in my handbag and lock the door, making sure I have everything. When I put my keys in my bag, I get my phone and headphones out. I plug my headphones in and put Paramore on. Walking to the bus stop, I get out my purse. The bus pulls up.

"Hey, Alishah!" He says.

"Hey, Toby." He asks where I'm getting off.

"The garage," He raises his eyebrows. "I just passed my drivers test so I'm getting my car."

"Oh. Will I still see you on the bus sometimes?"

"Yeah, of course!" Toby is the only person that knows about me. I smile.

Hey Guys! Sorry if this chapter sucked a little bit, it's my first story that isn't a fanfiction. Hope you enjoy it! Ciara Xx




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