Fade (Poetry)

Reality has always been the one pushing us to live through our best
Reality has always been the one keeping us chained into our worst.


1. Okay.

I was trying to change,

Bit by bit I tried to arrange;

And when I knew I did it right,

It's just my flaws that were criticized.


So tired to keep the silent,

So tired to fight back;

Expectations have no limit,

That makes my head all racked.


I tried looking for happiness,

But what found me was something restless,

So tired and so bored,

Two ways might be opposite, but for me it just one road.


While now holding a pen,

A dead writing for a person living;

A mind stranded and sanity losing,

life ending like the ink of this pen.


Thinking maybe next year I might redeem,

A light I once had that is now so dim;

Because this life I'm in that had no meaning,

May somehow can be enlighten.


All fakes I perfectly hide,

That's what I had in mind;

Even smiled now always lied,

And even my systems' moving I knew I just died.


Help me, I'm tired from this,

Find me, I'm lost in the mist;

This world that I am disgusted with,

Now it felt like I have digested.


Full of the anonymous ones,

Full of dangers and crimes;

Full of strangers that dies,

Full of souls as lost as mine.

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