The unknown agony


This is just a poem.

(Part of my newest collection of poetry: The pain of realising it)


1. The unknown agony


When you live your whole life in constant pain you will eventually get use to it.

It’s like something you must own.

It’s the one thing you know you’ve still got, when everything else has vanished. 

It’s still there when you are numb and empty.

It makes you feel that you’re still alive.

It doesn’t leave you like the rest.

It’s something you’ve got, that the rest of them can’t get.

They can’t see it.

They don’t know how it is. How it feels. 

It’s really the only thing you’ve got… the only thing you will ever have.

So, what would happen if the pain suddenly stopped…

Would you know if you were still alive?


But the scariest thing…Is knowing that you really have nothing left…

When you no longer feel the pain.



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