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  • Published: 30 Jul 2018
  • Updated: 5 Aug 2018
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Well this is book in the series of love me just the way I am but in this one she finds out that she’s pregnant but has no idea what to do about it cause she is scared about how Cole will take it in and everything gets muddled up


5. Tension

Cass went to work the next day. Hi Cass Callie called out to her. Hey how’s it going Cass asked her. Never mind me did you take the test Cass. Yeah I did and I am pregnant Cass told her. Then why are you so nervous Cass don’t worry. It’s not like that I keep on locking Cole out last night he kept on asking me too many questions and I didn’t like it I’m so stressed out Callie I don’t know what to do. Take it easy I think that you should tell him before it’s totally late Callie said to her. What do you mean by that Cass asked her. I mean that the truth could slip out of your mouth easily. Sure could if I get angry at him. Cass went home early from work Cole was already at home watching tv. Hey baby your back early. Cass didn’t say anything to him she went straight to the bedroom and then slammed the door shut. What’s wrong with you Cass open the door before I knock it down open it I mean it why are you being like this Cass.

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