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  • Published: 30 Jul 2018
  • Updated: 5 Aug 2018
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Well this is book in the series of love me just the way I am but in this one she finds out that she’s pregnant but has no idea what to do about it cause she is scared about how Cole will take it in and everything gets muddled up


3. Secrets

When Cass got to work at the cafe Callie didn’t see her at first she was at the back. Hey how are you doing sorry I didn’t see you Cass. No it’s alright Callie. Are you coming down with something cause you don’t look very well to me I can see it Cass. Well before I came here I was feeling unwell and Cole kept on asking the same questions your asking now Cass told her. So you haven’t got a fever omg Cass have you been taking your period pills or missed any. Well I missed a couple when I had you know with Cole but that can’t mean that I’m pregnant Callie. Why are you shy to tell me that you have sex with Cole he is your husband you know that you can tell me anything Cass just take a pregnancy test to see if you are Callie told her. Okay then but what if I am do I tell Cole. Well that’s up to you Cass your not going to keep it a secret are you. I don’t know if it turns out that I am going to wait until I make my mind up well I have to keep it a secret if I am cause I don’t how he will take it in but I’ll have to take the tea first to find out if I am. Okay you do that then Callie told her. Wait please don’t tell anyone if I asked and don’t say a single word to Cole Cass said to her. When Cass got back home she took the test. Oh no this can’t be I’m pregnant I can’t tell him.

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