Bloody Kiss

Blanche Tonya lives a fairly average life, shes pretty, and goes to an outstanding academy for rich people however, due to her father leaving debts her family is pretty much poor. So she gets bullied. But one day a mysterious stranger turns her life upside down.


2. Who Is This Mysterious Man!

After a year of living here I got used to being bullied. However I never worked up the courage to tell my mother about it, she already had it tough managing several jobs to make ends meat and pay of dads debts. I didn't want to make more trouble for her.

"Another day of school." I sigh getting up from my bed. I walk to my bathroom and conduct my morning routine: brush my teeth and wash my face, take a shower, put on my schools navy blue uniform, brush and style my long wavy black hair, then put on my contacts that make my eye color look a darker shade of brown, and finally go downstairs for breakfast.

Because of mothers many jobs I usually eat breakfast by myself, however today was different.

"Mother!, what are you doing here so early in the morning, don't you have work today?.

"Oh good morning Blanche, My boss said I could have the day of so I won't have work till later today." Mother beamed with excitement.

"Oh really that's great!, You need to rest once in a while." I comment looking at her condition. I grab my breakfast and began to leave for school.

"Oh yeah mom I am staying at school late today so if you come home early and i'm not here that's the reason."

"Alright, well have a nice day at school sweetie.'' she waved goodbye.

I honestly feel bad for lying to her about staying at school late but, I really have to go to my job. I decided to get a job behind Mothers back so she wont have to work so much bye herself. Today's school day wasn't much different from the others, again being tormented and threatened by the other students. But after leaving school I have to focus on my new job as a waitress and a popular restaurant called La Bateau Sympa. 

"Everybody come here for a second." The restaurants owner says.

"This is the newest employee Blanche Tonya, alright how about we have Arne Alpin train you." The owner says.

"Yes sir It would be my pleasure to train the newbie." Mr. Alpin says. He took me through the ins and outs of this place and before I knew I had the hang of it.

"Alright lets see what you learned, go and serve the man at table three." Mr. Alpin points.

"Yes sir." I say walking to table three.

"Hello sir, my name is Blanche and I will be your waitress. Can I start you off with something to drink." I say with a huge smile on my face. The man looked at me and it was as if his beautiful crimson red eyes were piercing right through my eyes. I felt as though staring at them mesmerized me. After regaining consciousness I took his order and completed my job for the day.

The day after that at school nobody was focused on me , it was weird but I didn't care that much about it. I was just glad to be back to my ordinary life.

"Alright class we have a new student today.Come on in." The teacher announced. I looked from my desk to see the new student.

"His name is Kai Cabal everyone treat him nicely. Okay Mr.Kai you can go sit over there by Ms.Blanche." The teacher points to me. The other students glare at me. If looks can kill I'm sure I would have been dead by now.

I am finally able to get a good look at the transfer student and when I do I see the very same beautiful crimson red eyes I did last night. It makes me wonder, just who is this mysterious man.

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