Bloody Kiss

Blanche Tonya lives a fairly average life, shes pretty, and goes to an outstanding academy for rich people however, due to her father leaving debts her family is pretty much poor. So she gets bullied. But one day a mysterious stranger turns her life upside down.


1. The Fairly Average Girl

  "Hey that's the girl everyone is talking about right?" a girl whispers. Every day since I transferred to this school has been like this. Its been about a week now and I honestly thought I would have been able to make at least one friend. The world pf those so called rich people and the world of me, a commoner are so different. 

"Hey, new girl." the most popular girl at school, Tessa stopped me.

"How can I help you?" I say trying to sound sarcastic,

"You can help me and everyone else at this school by disappearing. You don't belong here and you never will. You commoners just need to know your place." She rejects me. News about my father spread around the school like a wild fire. My father owed a lot of debts to a whole lot of different people, however one day he just left and he happen to leave all his debts in the hands of me and my poor mother. 

"I don't think I ever asked, much less cared about what any of you petty, rude, heartless, rich kids have to say about me. So if you would excuse me I would like to go to class instead of hearing you." I say walking around her.

"EXCUSE ME WHO DO YOU THINK YOUR TALKING TO!" Tessa steps in front of me. You see I am a really nice person most of the time but people like Tessa and her little gang really aggravate me, so its hard to keep my cool.

"Listen Tessa, as all of you know I go here on a scholar that I myself worked hard to get unlike the lot of you. Class is about to start in a few minutes and my class is a little bit of a distances from here so would you please move out of the way so I can get to class. If I miss class I would be expelled from this school. So in other words move out of my way before I move you myself." I pull Tessa close and say glaring into her emerald green eyes.

I can tell my words got to her because after that she let me go to class.

After the day I stood up to Tessa, people started acknowledging me but not in the good way. To put it simply I began to get bullied, and not just by my class, but the whole entire school. If this was the only way to get people to notice me I think it would have been better if I was left alone. My life would have been much better if I stayed a fairly average girl.

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