Bloody Kiss

Blanche Tonya lives a fairly average life, shes pretty, and goes to an outstanding academy for rich people however, due to her father leaving debts her family is pretty much poor. So she gets bullied. But one day a mysterious stranger turns her life upside down.


3. I just want my ordinary life back!

As shocked as I am to see the guy from the restaurant last night I have to keep my cool and act like I didn't notice or else there will be even more problems then there were before he transferred here.

"Have we met somewhere before?" Kai whispers to me after he took his seat.

"Um, no I don't think we have." I say looking back down at my desk trying to avoid eye contact with him. Throughout the whole class I feel his eyes staring at me even though I don't directly see him looking. This is the first time since I've moved here that I didn't feel someone glaring at me, he was just staring at me with no resentment. After class was over a swarm of students surrounded him and started a stampede of questions. Since it was lunch time I decided to head to the schools apple tree to eat lunch like I usually do. I go there because nobody else really goes there and I won't be bothered by any of those petty people.

"I can finally have some peace and quiet." I sighed in relief.

"Your a strange one aren't you Blanche." A voice said. I looked in the direction I hear the voice to see that it ws none other than Kai himself. And that kinda gave me a scare, I figured I was the only one who knew of this place, and it surprised me more that he was the one who was here.

"How did you know I was here?" I ask on guard.

"I tracked you." He answered.

"What do you mean tracked me?'' I ask again

"Well that's not really important. I want to know... you were the girl from last night weren't you?" He said brushing of my question.

"Alright you got me. I was the waitress last night. But why do you care, it's really got nothing to do with you." I fire back.

"You know your the first person that was this hostile to me. I was a little surprised." He explained.

"And I should care why?" I reject him."

"Ha ha ha, you really do have a sharp tongue. That's what I like about you." Kai laughed.

For the next few days Kai started basically trailing me. For a short time after he transferred the bullying stopped, but then it started up again. This time however because Kai was tailing me I think it got worse. People started spreading rumors about my mother and father, and about me. After school Tessa and her gang would throw stuff at me like rocks and books and stuff like that. After school was the only time Kai wasn't two feet behind me, and that made me even more vulnerable than before. I think that I became too dependant on Kai in the time he was with me. For the first time in a very long time I felt the warmth of a tear glide down my cheek. I was crying and I hadn't figured out why. But at that time all I could think about was how I just want my ordinary life back!

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