Land Of Wizardo

A missing magic Wand, schemes a sudden flasback of, a magician and his own wonderful magic, a weird and mysterious rabbit, finds a ️secret door in a Courages Magic show That finds a new talent of people in a weird sudden act of new tricks.
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Author's note

Best series of Magic and magicians

1. Wizardo ten chapters

In The presence of the greatest Magic act ever one magician, Wizardo, had amagic of all,

Kinds, however his acts are great mysterious and intriguing.

Along his very and ominuois tricks once laid a great and wonderful, iron fist, and a hat of a rabbit. It turned to complete stone, suddenly his luck seemed to run out, somehow it was just very badluck.

In Wizardo the, mysterious and lucky once rabbit somehow followed his once and wonderful acts. A nice and wonderful beginning somehow, turned undoubtingly, very unmagical.

In the mist was hope, somehow the act was waiting a new beginning of intrigued and special Magic just waiting to be found.

The show was never over, the new and courageous magician, saw new and better things ahead.

For one the best mysterious of audiences were people waiting to be amused and, intrigued by a man of magic and utter great, special Magic.

The stone bunny however was yet to get back to a more and mystical unknown magic.

Howevr in the deep down door lay a power beyond a new magic, somehow Wizardo found a, great and wonderful kind of, magic unknown to a group of great and wonderful people. Beyond the circus lay an act of magic waiting to be seen, behind a mysterious closed door.

Beyond the magic was one key, Wizardo found his ️true calling in the very best talent of wizards some how he was not just a magician but many, of many great and wonderful magics.

Behind one was a town known as wizard tree the peolell there ️️loved and mystified magic and always belived in some kind, of great magical powers beyond there imaginations.

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