Land Of Wizardo

A missing magic Wand, schemes a sudden flasback of, a magician and his own wonderful magic, a weird and mysterious rabbit, finds a ️secret door in a Courages Magic show That finds a new talent of people in a weird sudden act of new tricks.
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Author's note

Best series of Magic and magicians

3. Wizardo opens the door of magic

 wizardo founda better and more opened door found in the very town of wizard tree.

Then only magic that suddenly star him in a graet Mis, belief of just plain magic once somehow had more emf and great passion.

Suddenly Misfella the magicaln had more talent beyond the missing bunny act.

In wizard tree, the unluckiest magical magicauin knew more about the doors, and unopened answers, in this town the magic was so surreal, thta it had many unanswered, and many neeede anaswers ?

The very magical things that magicians and wizrds knew, was they were somehow different in any aspect, but not all the same.

A door suddenly opened and cascaded te deep, mag circus town, and Wizardo, found a new talent act, but, the poeple were unwise to him.

Misfella the wizrd was not so much a magician but, more of a great a magicak being somehow, Wizardo found more mysterious things behind one magic man.

In this town any magic was possible even peolell had crude talents,mSomehow the ️️true magic lay within a ️️odd stone of a bunny starting to U ooen the real and magic un a great hat.

Thhe wise reputious Supersticous hunny was many but, reluctant , peole always wished of magic as some sort of great way to inspire there, after shows.

Somehow Wizardo found a great way to use the stone bunny and a great and enter, the talents of wizard tree. This proved to be mysterious in its own way.


Misfella the magicaln gained sudden fame but, not the way a ️true magi acain wanted perhaps, the sudden magic was moore then he can handle.

Wizardo greeted Anne, with the best knowledge and magic act ready to get to wizrds tree the circus town suddenly, was waiting for the iron fist act, and misfella the magician was ready to perform.

Wizardo didn't have the best act but one stone bunny waiting to surprise the peolple of wizard tree, it was a great and utter performance just waiting to be seen.




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