Land Of Wizardo

A missing magic Wand, schemes a sudden flasback of, a magician and his own wonderful magic, a weird and mysterious rabbit, finds a ️secret door in a Courages Magic show That finds a new talent of people in a weird sudden act of new tricks.
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Author's note

Best series of Magic and magicians

2. Wizardo a door of magic

this sudden magic excavated the best, it was yet to be found, wizards opened a door, suddenly wizard tree found that, this door has been locked for ages. Ann was behind the dooor, Wizardo found her ️true nature.


Anne coudnt resist to be a great side, show, her magic was behind wizard tree, best.


Howevr Wizardo was the only magic magician, known to have graet and wonderful magic.

Unknown Apalitt as it been, somehow, the sun started to shine, a act of ️️true and Courage magic shows started to find, him.

The only Magic bunny that had been locked as stone, somehow suddenly was just, sitting in the untalented nature, of unseen magic.

Wizardo fled to a better magic, only Anne had her ️️true Magic, suddenly another magician was wizards rival and even he didn't know much about the missing doors that were once open.

Wizardo found one and only true, bunny that now was unlucky, somehow a mi sbelize started to come out.

In this case wizrd tree, was just not only becoming the, only unluckiest place, but it needed a new kind of magic, some how Wizardo would be the, one to disprove the unlucky ness, and bring a new rein, of graet and wonderful talent.

Ahead of Wizardo was a get and wonderful, ban of wishes to be found the town, of wizrd tree. 


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