Land Of Wizardo

A missing magic Wand, schemes a sudden flasback of, a magician and his own wonderful magic, a weird and mysterious rabbit, finds a ️secret door in a Courages Magic show That finds a new talent of people in a weird sudden act of new tricks.
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Author's note

Best series of Magic and magicians

4. Wisardonic and missfella the act

the doors magically appeared as small wizard tree seemed this tiny circus town was appauling and raising cheer, and great surveillance towards a magician, however miss fella, the magician had more twist and turns too his magic acts.

Anne the assistant saw , more then just magic but a find of mystical unearthed and great,

Bounds of magical nevrem thought possible to any one before. The sudden move the power it seemed to posses, and incredible things ️️seen to the naked eye. In itself it seemed unheard unk thinkable of.

The deserving hat was behind some hidden stuff, but behind the door, was one and magnificiant, great talented keys among a astonishing, of all magic acts, dissapearing Anne the assistant.


Missfella the magician had no problem turning Anne into nothing but thin air, somehow.

Wizardo found that quite ️odd in its somewhat unknown motives, but the act must go on and whta an act.

The very and illusion, that made Anne seem invisible came to be a very great act somehow her invisibility prooved the act to be well tamed suddenly it's mysterious act wasn't just Anne it seemed an was present.

It wasn't anne at all hoever possibly a person but not Anne? Wizards knew, miscellaneous 

Was in the act, somehow all his disappearing tricks were a secret yet, unknown.

Weather Missfella knew the act, was dissapearing people, or the magic in the act brought a new demention of Somesortyessok of mystical unknow Magic either way, it was something gone wrong.

Wizardo was up next and his hands were so clamy, they were just not rite for the next act of, taking his stone bunny into a real one? If this act coudnt be performed howevr it would ruin his fame and past of great magicians acts.

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