The Secret Castle A Harry Potter novel

Harry Potter is attending his first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry when he hears about a mysterious secret door that leads to the Slytherin dorm rooms where Lord Voldemort used to practice dark magic in secret, in the cold dungeons.


12. The Secret Castle-Part Twelve


Pansy Parkinson, the first year Slytherin student, smiled at Draco. "Have you got the cursed book?", she asked him. "Yes, I bought it from Borkin and Burkes", he answered her. "The Great Book of Old Curses" by Severus Snape. "It's a rare find. Mother and father thought I would be prepared against Professor Dumbledore", Draco said. Pansy smiled, and they walked down the dark dungeons, towards the Slytherin dormitories. 


Crabbe was eating a doughnut. As he forced it in his mouth, Draco shook his head. "Haven't you've eaten enough today?", he asked him. "No. I was hungry", he answered. Goyle snickered. "We saw Potter talking to Ron Weasley, and Hermoine Granger", he said. "Potter knows better than to associate himself with a poor wizard like Weasley; Potter should've been in Slytherin, not Gryffindor with the other losers. As with Granger she knows a lot about magic; she thinks she knows everything. Now, let's sit down on the sofas, and relax", Malfoy suggested. And the Slytherin dark wizards did as they were told.


"Potter, can you come into my office?", Professor Dumbledore asked. Harry nodded. He placed the copy of Beginner's Magic for Wizards by Professor Flickwick, who was a Ravenclaw graduate a long time ago, on his bed next to Hedwig's cage to the left of him. He headed up the stone steps of the old North Tower. He stopped near the magic door. "Password", a female voice said. "Storm weather", he said. The door opened. He saw Fawkes, the phoenix, was in her cage. "Hello Fawkes", Harry said. Professor Dumbledore wore blue robes, and white wizard boots on his feet. "It seems the Slytherin team are planning to get rid of me. They won't succeed. I want you to get information for me in secret. Can you do that, Harry?". Harry nodded. "Yes, Professor Dumbledore. I hope that The Daily Prophet and The Quibbler won't spread lies about you, Professor". He smiled. "No, Harry. Besides, there's a reason why you chose Gryffindor House, and not Slytherin House. The Sorting Hat is always right at picking all wizards at Hogwarts. Now, I have other important matters to deal with, mainly concerning The Ministry of Magic. Good-bye Harry". Harry opened the door, and walked down the stone steps. He saw Professor Snape gliding along the halls. "Potter, what are you up to?", Snape asked coldly. "I was seeing Professor Dumbledore about a book I need. Can I go to the Gryffindor dormitories, Sir?". Professor Snape smirked. "Five points off Gryffindor House for walking through the halls without letting me know-", he answered. "Professor, I don't have to report to you, I shall talk to Professor McGonagall, or Professor Dumbledore-". Professor Snape sneered at him. "Don't push your luck, Potter. Ten more points off Gryffindor House for talking back to me. You may leave now". And Harry sighed, and saw The Fat Lady's framed picture. "Password". "Storm weather", Harry stated again. The picture opened, and the young wizard strode forward towards the warm dormitory.

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