The Secret Castle A Harry Potter novel

Harry Potter is attending his first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry when he hears about a mysterious secret door that leads to the Slytherin dorm rooms where Lord Voldemort used to practice dark magic in secret, in the cold dungeons.


14. The Secret Castle-Part Fourteen


Harry, Ron, and Hermoine ran through the brightly-lit hallway towards their next class. "It's Professor Binns, he is always on time", Hermoine said hurriedly. "No running in the hallway", Professor Snape said, "Ten points from Gryffindor House", he added. As he glided towards his office which was down the far right of the cold dungeons, all three wizards gasped in shock. "Snape is always deducting points from us", Ron sighed. "Look, let's go into the room 4F, and attend the class", Harry stated. And he shook his head, and they took their seats just as Professor Binns started to speak.


Professor Binns, who was the Hogwarts ghost, spoke in a droll voice. "Hogwarts is a magical place in which we all shall continue to experience in our lifetimes. Can you go to page 743 of The Secrets of Magical Uses by Godric Gryffindor?", he asked everyone. Draco rolled his eyes. "Shouldn't we learn something else, it's rather boring", he answered. Professor Binns ignored him. "Draco Malfoy isn't it", Professor Binns said. "Yes", Draco smirked. "You're the son of Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy", he said. Malfoy grinned. "Yes, our family have a strong influence at Hogwarts", Draco said proudly. Harry didn't smile, as he wondered what kind of influence the Malfoy family really did have. "Malfoy is lying, Professor", he said. Malfoy glared at Harry. "I didn't speak to youPotter. Besides, if you continue to be with Ron Weasley and Hermoine Granger, no one will think you deserve to be in the Daily Prophet for an interview...". Professor Binns raised his old black wand in his right hand. "That's enough! Potter and Malfoy have detention at seven o'clock in the evening after dinner. Now, let's continue reading before the class is over".


After dinner in the Feasting Hall, Harry walked towards Professor Binns's office. Draco Malfoy was angry. "I've written to father expressing my outrage at being in detention with you, Potter". The front door was magically sealed; the door spoke. "Password", it stated. "Cauldron cakes", Harry said. The door un-sealed itself, and opened by itself. "Oh, you're all here", Professor Binns said. Draco was cold. He grabbed his black and green robes with his hands, as Harry did the same with his red and orange robe. "You'll commit chapters 56 and 57 of Proper Wizarding Etiquette by Seamus Lowe to heart. Seamus was a great wizard in my day. And a famous author and scholar", Professor Binns stated.  Harry stared at the heavy tome. "It's awful", he said. And, as the detention stretched until eight o'clock, Professor Binns said: "Go to your dormitories. It is over". Harry left, followed by Draco, as Hogwarts descended into darkness.


"That was horrible, mate", Ron stated. He was doing homework for Professor McGonagall's class. Harry sighed. "It had to be with Draco. He complained to Lucius Malfoy, his father". Ron stopped writing with his Wizard Quill on an inky parchment. "The Malfoys live in Malfoy Manor. They're rich; we're not rich. Mum and Dad have to get second-hand wizard cloaks, and books to pay for everything. George, Fred, and Percy, are the older children in my family; Ginny is too young to attend Hogwarts". Harry nodded. "I didn't know my parents. They sacrificed their lives when I was born because of Lord Voldemort wanted me out of the way. He almost succeeded. I survived because I wasn't supposed to be dead; I have the scar on my forehead as a reminder never to practice any of the Dark Arts". Ron gasped. "You said You-Know-Who's name". Harry didn't smile. "I know. Now, I have more homework to catch up on. Good night!", he said. "Good night!", Ron said. 



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