The Secret Castle A Harry Potter novel

Harry Potter is attending his first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry when he hears about a mysterious secret door that leads to the Slytherin dorm rooms where Lord Voldemort used to practice dark magic in secret, in the cold dungeons.


18. The Secret Castle-Part Eighteen


On the first day of November, it started to rain heavily at Hogwarts. Harry gazed out of the glass windows of the ancient, magic, castle. He knew classes were nearing the end of term. "It amazes me Draco thinks we're going to work for him", Lee Jordan said. Harry shook his head. "Is he ordering other wizards to bend the rules?", he asked him. "Yes", Lee answered. "Is there any kind of evidence he's up to no good?", Harry said. "Yes, he's planning all kinds of schemes in the Slytherin dormitory. There's rumours he is in Borgin and Burkes collecting dark artefacts; Lucius Malfoy was seen giving his son twenty Galleons for the collection", Lee said. Harry squirmed. "He should be expelled from Hogwarts; he shouldn't have anything that is harmful to everyone. Let's talk to Professor Dumbledore", Harry told him. "You go, Harry. I have homework to do. Good-bye!", Lee strode back to his bed, and spent the next two hours alone in the Gryffindor dormitory.


Harry Potter heard a strange voice. "Go to the Slytherin dormitory. The book of dark magic awaits you, Potter...". He felt a coldness in his heart; he walked out of the Gryffindor dormitory through the Fat Lady's door. As he walked down the stone steps, he saw Professor Snape. "And where are you going to, Potter?", he asked. "Draco Malfoy has a book from his father, Lucius, Professor", he said truthfully. "Really. There's no crime to own spell books for classes...", he answered. "It's one from the Restricted Section in the wizard's library. And he is underage. It has curses in it that will bring back Lord Voldemort back to the castle....". Professor Snape glared at him. "I'm sure Draco won't be the only wizard to go to the library....". Harry sighed. "Professor, we're running out of time. I have proof he has the book. It's called Ancient Dark Curses and Spells by Professor Severus Snape", Harry said. Snape glared at him. "If any wizard wants to be told off, I'll be the one who'll do it, Potter. Now, go away. Fifty points off Gryffindor House for attempting to enter Slytherin House". Harry stared at Professor Snape; he groaned at the news that he had failed. He took a long, deep, breath...and headed to the North Tower's stone steps, and decided to tell Professor Dumbledore about Draco Malfoy.


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