When I'm Gone (Nate Maloley/ Cameron Dallas)

Hayden lived in Omaha and was never noticed by boys. She was in the choir, but no one cared. She was the quiet girl in the corner of the room. Well, it's her last few months in High School. What will she do to get noticed by her biggest crush before it's too late?



2. Chapter Two

Hayden's POV:

"What the fuck?", Sam says.

I pull away from his best friend. Nate wasn't supposed to know. Nate looks between us and sighs, but he doesn't know the pain I'm going to endure because of this.

"Sam. She was tutoring me. I'm leaving."

Sam continues to face me. I watch Nate leave and he winks. The door opens and Nate steps out. Then, it slams shut. I'm slammed against the wall shortly afterward. Sam's face is only inches from mine."

"What happened?"

"Nothing, you prick. Hurt me all you like. But nothing happened."

Sam glared and slaps my face hard. Tears spring to my eyes. The door opens and my mother comes in.

"Sam, Hayden, what is going on?"

Charade time.

"Nothing mother, just talking."

I grab my school things and go to my room with Sam following closely behind.

"Sam come down here!", his father yells.

I turn.

"I'm not done with you."

I go and listen. His father treats me like a princess and it makes me so happy. Because my father walked out on us.

"Hayden!", he calls.

I walk down the steps.

"Sam", his dad scolded, he knew Sam hated me.

He didn't know that Sam hits me, and bullies me and that his friends have raped me. I had no time to cover up the growing bruise. I look away and cover my face.

"Apologize", Mr. Wilkinson says.



"Please don't say you're sorry because you so are not."

I race up the steps and slam my bedroom door shut. I lock it, only to have Sam open it shortly afterward. He shut it and locked the door.

"What happened between you and Nate?"

"Nothing, Sam. Not like I like him anyway."

Sam pushes me to the wall. He's undeniably hot, and since we aren't related... What am I thinking?

"Yeah, but Nate likes you. I don't see why. You're not special."

"What did I do, you asshole!"

"Nothing. Your mom married my dad. That's what."

I roll my eyes, and he digs his nails in my arms. I cry out in pain. Sam covers my mouth.

"Ignore Nate. Act like nothing happens and you won't get hurt. Don't look at him, don't talk to him, and don't tutor him. Understand?"

I nod and he smirks. Sam leaves me, and I sink down to the ground.


"Hayden!", Nate calls.

I look away. He can't know. But Nate grabs my arm. I flinch and be looks at the small cuts Sam gave me.

"What happened?"

I pull away, leaving Nate there, calling my name. Sam walks up. I bite my lip and hurry to my next class with the both of them. Tears spring to my eyes. I grab my binder for choir and go to my assigned soprano spot. Which is next to the two. They're in front of me. The boys take two rows. Nate walks in, ignoring Sam. He's not scared, but I am.

"Hayden!", Nate calls.

I ignore his voice.

"She won't talk to you, Nate. She knows what will happen if she does."

"Why are you doing this? She's done nothing wrong. Her mom needed someone. Hayden, talk to me."

I shake my head. He sighs.

"Sam just go."

"No, I want to hear what you two say."

"That's not your business, Sam! I'm tired of you acting like you're my father! Leave me to talk to Nate!"


But Sam left and allowed us to speak.

"Did he hit you?"

"No, Nate. He didn't."

Nate caresses my right cheek and I flinch. Sam turns towards me.

"he did."

I look at Sam. He smirks and looks away. Nate sighs. Jack and Jack come in. Jack Johnson is nice to me. But Jack Gilinsky and Sam aren't.

"Hey, Hayden!", Jack says happily.

"Hi, Jack."

He sits next to me. I smile and look away.

"Sam threatening you again?"

"Again?", Nate asks.

"It's nothing, Nate."

"Stop acting like this is okay. He abuses you."


Sam walks over with Jack. I sigh and look down. They sit next to Nate, and Jack stays by my side. I look down.


"Hayden, Jack Gilinsky, Abigail, and Nate come up to try out for your solos."

"But, I didn't sign up."

Sam smirks at me. I stand up and walk to the front. Standing behind Abigail. We're doing pop songs. Kinda. They want me to do a Black Veil Brides song. I look at Jack as he sings one of his and Jack's originals. Paradise. Pretty good song.

Abigail goes next. Covering part of Moments by One Direction. I roll my eyes. I look at my teacher.

"Do I have to?"

"You're the only girl who can sing."

Once Nate's done, I look at my teacher. She plays Sweet Blasphemy. My favorite song.

"Through sadness, you have taught us to be one with the crowd Unveil the sacred order, hymns of falling down You told the greatest stories, of love and bleeding crowns But to the sick and hungry, you cannot be found


We are young and we are strong Through strength in self we become Something more than they can be I raise my heart and sing!


That I won't believe this lie I know there's something more inside When darkness is all you'll see This is our Sweet Blasphemy


Silence the crooked holy, unchain the tied and bound No time for allegory, one true reigning sound Unite the lonely mourning, a simple servant now We are the only glory, hear us screaming loud"


No one claps as I go and sit next to Jack. He kisses my cheek, making me blush. Nate looks at me. People voted for us, as we sat in the hall. Jack G smirked at me. While Nate sat beside me.

Soon enough out comes our teacher. She looks at Abigail who leaves. I stand against the wall.

"Nate, Jack, there was a tie. You two are both gonna do your songs. But Jack you're gonna do it with Jack."


She smiles at me, and Nate follows her. Jack grabs my wrist and slams me into the wall.

"J-Jack. Please."

"Bite me. Leave Nate, and Jack alone. No one likes you. I'll say it, you can sing. But you're gonna be leaving them alone."

"Bite me."

I push past him and go inside. I sit next to Jack and ignore him. Waiting for the day to end.

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