When I'm Gone (Nate Maloley/ Cameron Dallas)

Hayden lived in Omaha and was never noticed by boys. She was in the choir, but no one cared. She was the quiet girl in the corner of the room. Well, it's her last few months in High School. What will she do to get noticed by her biggest crush before it's too late?



1. Chapter One

Hayden's POV:

You never realize how insignificant you are until your friends abandon you, and everyone forgets that you exist. With music and writing being my only escape from the real world, I'm soon forced to learn how much I am hated.

My parents are never around anymore, so I live in a giant house, with maids and nannies who ignore me. The one person who I want to admire me, not only hates my guts but acts like I'm not even alive.

Though, it's hard to be surprised that anyone would like me. I sit in class blasting music in my ears. My teachers gave up, as they know I understand and learn things this way as if someone is watching me. When I look over I see him. Nate. The one who gives me butterflies, and acts like I'm worthless.

My teacher hands me a sheet. I look at it and see the words sprawled across it.

You're tutoring Mr. Maloley.

My heart skipped. But then I realized the hell he'll put me through. The bell rang signaling the end of the day. I stand with my things and go to leave, but Nate pulls me back. Knowing that I'll embarrass him because he needs to be tutored.

"I'll come by later. Don't tell Sam or the Jacks."

"Whatever, Nate. I never wanted to tutor you anyway. So fuck off."

I push past him and go to my locker. I grab my textbooks and head to my car. I open the door, and right as I put my things in, the car door slams shut. I see Sam Wilkinson. Nate's best friend and my worst enemy.

"What the fuck do you want?"

"I want you to leave my friend alone."

"Oh trust me. If Nate was the last person on the planet with me. I'd kill him. So fuck off, Wilkinson."

He goes to grab me but Nate walks up.

"It's a waste, Sammy."

I open my car door. And climb in. I speed off. Nate doesn't care, and I don't know why I do. I get out. Grabbing my binder and backpack, and hurrying inside. Almost five minutes later, there's a loud knocking. Nate. I get up off my couch and walk over to the door. My heartbeat quickened.

"Hi, Nate", I say.


He walks through and I shut the door. Nate turns back to me.

"why does Sammy bully you?"

"He doesn't. He doesn't like me. Neither do you. Come with me so I can get this done."

"Who says I don't?"

"You did! You prick! You and everyone else hate me and I don't know why! My life is hell, Nate. I haven't seen my parents in a year! I face timed my mom last night, and she said it'll be four more months. So why do you hate me?"

"I don't, Hayden! Okay! I have to act like it!"


Nate looks at me. Who's forcing him to? Sam. He hates me because I rejected him in middle school.


"Sam threatens to hurt you if I try to talk to you, or if I say I like you."

Nate looks at me. Sam threatens him for having a crush on me? I walk to my living room. But Nate pulls me back. When I turn, my lips smack into his. My eyes stay open. I pull away and Nate looks at me.


"Nate, C'mon, so I can tutor you."

"You don't need to. I understand it. I failed so I could get close to you."

My heart skipped. But I couldn't let him in. Sam will hurt the both of us. Nate looks at me.

"Nate, you need to go."

He looks at me. The door opens, and there's Sam. My step-brother.

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