Twilight Reimagined: Life and Death [ON HOLD]

The story follows Beau Swan and his vampire love interest Edythe Cullen . . . Beau is 'supposable' Bella and Edythe is 'supposable' Edward.

Beau Swan sacrificed everything when he was left with a sudden, unexpected, life-altering decision: Death or Forever-as unchanging vampire-with the love of his life.


Author's note


2. CHAPTER TWO . . .






Every character in Twilight has been flipped in Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined . . . Males are Females and Females are Males, except Charlie and Renee and Phil.


Carlisle is—Carine . . . Esme is— Earnest . . . Alice is—Archie . . . Jasper is—Jessamine . . . Rosalie is—Royal . . . Emmett is—Eleanor.




It was after one in the morning when Archie and I returned to Forks. With hoodie over my head and cap pulled down my face, I walked through the airport with my hands hidden in my pockets.

 Archie stayed ahead the entire time. The whole idea of being dead, at least to my family and friends, so I couldn't afford anyone who might potentially know Charlie—to see me. And everyone knew Charlie. As luck had it, however, the airport wasn't busy—just like Archie had told me when we were talking about our plan yesterday. He was sure he could get me in and out without being noticed. He was also sure I was strong enough to control my thirst on a loaded aeroplane. I had my doubts. Archie had taken with him a brown paperback, "in case you feel the need to breathe," he said at the time with a laugh. Even though nobody could hold their breath longer than a vampire. Like fish underwater—vampires could go without breathing—but I like to breathe, I like to smell my environment. The Cullens usually do more breathing when they were around human; I seemed to do it unconsciously.

In the parking lot, our car was at the same spot—at the very back, just like we left it. "So," I began, "how bad you think it is?"

Archie answered while retrieving the car key from his pocket. "Real bad."

I felt a jolt.

"Think we should have like . . . I don't know . . . a plan or something?" I asked the experienced vampire. Maybe the siblings had ways of going around Carine and Earnest without their awareness.

I hadn't been part of the Cullen family for long and I didn't think they thought for a moment I would become like them, and if they did—I was sure they weren't expecting it so soon. Honestly, I felt nervous, knowing I went behind their backs. It could have cost them everything had I lost control and given into the dark side of the creature I had become.

"I don't think a plan is going to help us," Archie's voice brought me back to my surrounding. "At least we not breakable."

My eyes widened and my body turned statue. Archie laughed at my reaction. I frowned.

"I need to do a better job concealing my expressions." It was annoying even me.

"Don't think you can."

"You are challenging me, Archie?" I raised a brow.

He had been ever since my transformation, and always quick to decline my proposals for challenges I threw his way. Apparently, because I was a newborn Archie wasn't going to accept—since we were strongest in our early stage, consequently . . . my brother-in-law was waiting until whenever he deemed fit. I was sure to lose to him by then.

"What I am saying is that you don't know how rare you are. You are a newborn who acts decades old."

I snorted at that. Rare. No one had ever put me in such class, and somehow I felt insulted. I didn't think I was anything special.

"No one will say it, but I think they are waiting on me to snap." Jessamine especially. She seemed the most baffled by I was a problem she hadn't come across in all her existence.


I waited for Archie to add more but realised after a moment he didn't intend to. I wondered if he was waiting for me to lose control, too.

The rain had picked up as we left the airport. As much as my visit to Mom brought bittersweet feelings, I was beyond happy to return home to the goddess of my life. I was sure she was upset—along with her family. I didn't care. As long as Edythe was in my arms where she belonged and fitted so perfectly—I was fine. Nothing else mattered.

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