Twilight Reimagined: Life and Death [ON HOLD]

The story follows Beau Swan and his vampire love interest Edythe Cullen . . . Beau is 'supposable' Bella and Edythe is 'supposable' Edward.

Beau Swan sacrificed everything when he was left with a sudden, unexpected, life-altering decision: Death or Forever-as unchanging vampire-with the love of his life.


Author's note






*Unedited. . .*




The angel-like voice froze me, and I thought for a moment if I were human blood would rush to cheeks, turning it into an embarrassing shade of deep red. My heartbeat would have quickened . . . like a stallion working over time, my pulse thumping twice as hard. My keens might have buckled, too. And unquestionably, I would have smiled from ear-to-ear.

Now, however, Frozen like sculpture craved to perfection. It was disturbing.

I turned slowly in the direction of the voice, with closed eyes and a deep breath.


Her name rolled off my tongue effortlessly, and I recalled the nights when I used to dream about her, moaned her name in my sleep over and over again. Even those memories seemed distant, almost forgotten, like they had happened decades ago instead of months. But I am trying my hardest to hold onto the most important memories of my life. I didn't wish to forget any, more than ever, the ones with her.

I reopened my eyes. She stood merely four feet away. I wanted to bridge the gaps between us and take her in my arms where she belonged if she would allow me. Certainly, she would have under different circumstances. There was a deep ache inside me and I released the breath I had been holding.

"I was just on my way to see you." I shook my head. "Actually, I was deciding if I should come to see you," I said, telling her the truth, something I always felt compelled to do.

"You were deciding," she said, softly. Not a hint of anger in tone, only sadness.

"Well . . ." I began. "I didn't know if you wanted to see me and I figured you were inside with your family—beating up Archie for what we did."

"Oh, Beau!" she moaned quietly. "You still don't see me clearly."

Of course, I saw her clearly. I saw her even more clearly since I became a vampire. I felt like my human eyes cheated me . . . robbed me of seeing what perfection truly was. However, I knew this wasn't what Edythe meant by not seeing her clearly.

"I am not angry with Archie, or upset about what you did," Edythe explained. "I am only hurt. Archie has been real careful not to think about your plans when I was around. Too careful." She shook her head in disappointment like she should have been able to detect something beneath the surface.

"What?" I said, almost angry . . . not with her . . . at myself for hurting her. I never want to hurt Edythe . . . not now. Not ever. "I should feel hurt, Edythe. The risk I took, what could have happened . . . how would I live with myself if things had turned out badly? How could I look you in the eyes knowing I cost you everything? I couldn't. I wouldn't be able to stay by your side. I knew and I risk it, either way, so you don't get to feel hurt, my love. I do. Doesn't this make me selfish?"

"It makes you human."

"But I am not human," I argued and looked away from her.

"Not because you a vampire means you are a monster. You are the best of us, Beau. You are still pure like you were in your human life. Your heart is beautiful and it's why I love you so very much, why it hurt me that you couldn't share with me your feelings, your intention, your pain."

My head turned towards her direction; I watched her carefully after she finished talking. She sighed before her fingers when through her messy hair.

"I didn't want to put in the situation Archie is now facing. I didn't want you feeling like you had to choose between me and your family, between right and wrong."

"And you think I wouldn't choose you?"

"I know you would. I think you will always choose me, and that's the problem."

"It's a problem," she said with somewhat of an uncertainty.

Her eyebrows were slightly narrowed, small creases forming above them as she thought carefully over my words, her pain too obvious to ignore.

"Edythe." I walked to her, but she stepped back, away from me. "Please don't do that," I said through clench teeth. "Don't walk away from me."

Her golden hypnotic eyes scanned my face; searching . . . I wish I knew for what.

"It's one thing for me to choose you, for I have chosen you—forever. But it's entirely different when you have to choose between two loves: your family and me. It would cause me great pain putting you through that, and an even greater pain for you."

"You are such an idiot, Beau Swan!" Edythe threw herself into my arms. I welcomed her and sighed out of pleasure because it felt so wonderful holding her. "I will always love my family. I will be here when they need me. But, Beau . . . oh, Beau! As surely as the Lord lives and as you live, I will always choose you because you are my life . . . my world."

"As you are mine," I agreed.

"I am sorry," she said, pulling back a little so she could look at me.

"That's my line." I smile slightly. "What are you sorry for?" I touched her cheek, my index finger gliding alongside her smooth, hard, goddess face.

"For everything I suppose." She bit her bottom lip. "I can't imagine how hard it was seeing your mother, witnessing her pain."

"Hmm . . ." I reflected briefly on Renee's sorrow. She had a long, rough road ahead. I am confident she will find happiness again. "She and Phil are moving. She doesn't want to remain in the house . . . too many memories."

"Do you know where they are going?"

Her hands were still around my waist. I squeezed the end of her hair. It was damped, only then had I became aware of the soft drizzle of rain.

"No," I answered. "They didn't say, but I am sure my mother has somewhere in mind." I wouldn't tell Edythe Renee blamed Charlie. It would only hurt her. "Phil will take care of her I am sure."

"I missed you while you were away," Edythe confessed.

"Were you the least anxious about things going badly?" I asked her, genuinely curious.

"I am always anxious when I am away from you, this time was no different. I just wanted you to come back . . . come home to me."

"It must have been hard dealing with everyone's fear, doubts, while Archie and I were away. I can't imagine Royal being thoughtful."

"Royal was the worse," she let me know with a deep frown. "We got into it a few times."

"You fought?" I asked, alarmed.

"I am sure he'd like to. We just argued . . . a lot. He just makes me so angry sometimes, you know."

"How is it going in there?" I asked.

I could listen but I didn't want my ears to hear their voice, especially if they were arguing.

"Earnest understands, Carine is relieve nothing had gone wrong. Jessamine is happy Archie is home, she missed him deeply. Eleanor is . . ." Edythe smiled. "Eleanor. The easiest of us all. And Royal is full of mix feelings as always. So you see. Things aren't as crazy as you think."

"That's good to know. How are you feeling?" I asked as I traced my thumb across her full lips. Edythe moaned and sighed and something inside me shifted. Need.

"Blessed," Edythe said before her lips found mine before her hands reached around my neck.

Her kiss was not careful, for she didn't need to be careful anymore. I am no longer the fragile human boy who used to make Edythe think hard about her movements and actions around me. We were on equal plain fled now, so . . . I returned her kiss with fierce intensity, longing and need. I gripped her sides and pulled her closer—that not even air could pass between us. Her mouth against mine was mind-blowing. Every. Single. Time.

When we kissed like this it brought forth other desires. Something we have talked about probably once since we have been dating . . . however, I knew it was in Edythe's thoughts as it was in mine. I pulled away with a gasped. Edythe looked at me with glazed eyes and heavy breathing. I just stared back at her, amazed she was mine. It was so impossible and yet so real.

"We should slow it down a notch," I said, trying to find my voice. "We—"

"Can," she cut me off. "You are not human anymore. Eleanor said making-up after a disagreement is the best."

I laughed so hard I am sure the others heard me from inside. "Yeah, that sounds like something she would say."

"It's not like you haven't thought about it . . . I have."

"You do?" I asked, sounding surprised.

"Like you didn't already know." She smiled, showing her deep dimples.

"It's reassuring to hear you say it." I kept smiling like an idiot. "But . . ."


". . . Give me some time, okay?"

"Okay." She agreed. "Let's go inside. Carine would like to talk to you."

"Sounds serious."

"And you sound like a scared child."

"In the laws of vampirism—I am considered a newborn—therefore I am a scared vampire child." I poked fun.

Edythe looked at me seriously and said, "I love you, Beau Swan, like I have never loved anyone entire life."

Right then, had my heart been beating, it would stop completely. There was nowhere . . . heaven or hell . . . I wouldn't go to be with Edythe.

God had really showered me with more blessing than anyone else . . . and if there was someone out there blessed as me . . . they have truly been touched.

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