Fawn Raines has had a bad experience at schools all her life. Never feeling quite normal. Freshman year of high school, everyone seemed intent on calling her Witch. But what happens when she actually does get powers? Or when she learns that her parents aren’t quite who they seem? What happens when she gets a letter of admission to Spellbound academy. A school for hybrid shapeshifter mages? Will she choose to stay in the life she was finally starting to control, or will she choose to go? Either way, adventure awaits.


1. Chapter 1: The End

"The end is never the end, the end is only a door to new beginnings." -me




(The end is never the end. The end only opens the door to new beginnings.) -me


Bullets flew past me in every direction. I ran so fast I seemed to fly. Sometimes I forgot my feet were touching the ground. A bullet skimmed my right ear. I bolted forward into a small body of water. I dove deeper and deeper into the water. Positive they were still chasing me. I let myself drift away into the murky depths. The water tickled my skin like small icicles dancing gracefully around my body. My back touched the bottom. The sand seemed to envelop me, drawing me closer. I opened my eyes. The sunlight drifted down to me through rays penetrating the surface I had never been more relaxed in my life. An array of bullets broke my peace. Bullets flew into the water, stopping before they hit me. They were destroying my home. I couldn’t let that happen. I felt a surge of energy unlike anything I had ever felt before. I pushed forward, coming up out of the body of water. The water wrapped around me, holding me above them. I raised my hands, the rest of the lake flew forward. Drowning them.




    I woke with a start, quickly pulling myself upright; my breath was rapid. I’d lost track of how many times I’ve been chased by people with guns, then running to a certain place, relaxing into it, people coming back and shooting the place up, getting so angry I kill them with the “magic” of wherever I am. They all follow the same plot. You’d think my brain would get a bi more creative. My alarm clock began to blare. I reached over to turn it off.

“So much for going back to sleep.” I told myself. Finally managing to lull myself out of bed, I went to the bathroom to get ready for “prison.”


    I had just finished brushing my teeth when I remembered the water from my dream last night. It felt so real. I closed my eyes and remembered the relaxation and the peace. The way the water obeyed me. I felt something wet brush against my hand. Opening my eyes, I saw the water from the sink floating around me. Somehow, I wasn’t afraid. Being able to do this just felt right. A knock at the door made me lose all my concentration. The water fell to the ground with a very adioable splash.

“Fawn, you’re going to be late for school.” My mom’s voice flooded the tiny bathroom.

“Yea yea, I’m coming.” I yelled back. School. The hellhole that has imprisoned me for the past year. Let’s just say freshman year didn’t go so well and I’m not exactly excited to be a sophomore. Oh yea, today was also the first day. Putting all my dread aside, I opened the door and walked out into certain doom.


    Call it the first-day-blues if you want. But I had a sinking feeling that the rest of the year wouldn’t get much better. I’ve only had two classes and already I have been called a witch more times than I can count and punched once. Needing a break from everything, I headed to the bathroom. I was leaning against the back wall, trying to clear my head when Becca White walked in. (Becca White: Most popular girl in school. Biggest snob I’ve ever met. I think she actually believes she’s my queen.) There was no way I was leaving this bathroom alive.

“Hello Witch.” Becca teased.

“What do you want Becca?” I asked, clearly not in the mood to deal with her.

“Trust me, Witch, if I’d known you were in here, I would have waited to do my makeup. That is how much I hate you.” Becca’s eyes were cold.

“I should be honored that you wait to do your precious makeup because of me.” I teased.

“Get out of my way, Witch.” She said walking closer to me.

“No.” I said, “I’ll stand wherever I want.”

“Now I get why your dad left, he was sick of your attitude.” She smirked.

That was it. I blew. No one, and I mean NO ONE talks about my dad like that. I felt the same rage as in the dream. I pushed my right hand toward her as she got blasted with a strong wind, almost knocking her over. When the wind finally stopped, I could see clearly again. Her hair looked like birds had a fight in it. I burst out laughing.

“What’s so funny, Witch.” She demanded.

I could only get one word out, “Hair.” I couldn’t stop laughing.

“MY HAIR!” She shrieked, “YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS, WITCH!” She marched out the door. I could hear people try and stifle laughs outside as soon as she opened the door.

“I am so glad I got to watch that. Maybe it won’t be so bad here afterall.”  I told myself as I followed her out and went to my third class.


    It was finally lunch. By now everyone was talking about Becca. Instead of sitting in the corner of the cafeteria like I normally do, I bolted to the field. I had to try out more of my powers. I wanted to see how many powers I actually had. I walked off into the woods a bit to be sure no one would see me.

“I haven’t tried earth yet, so I might as well.” I told myself. I focused on the earth beneath me. Felt it rumple under my feet. My hands were slightly outstretched, I raised them about four inches or so. The ground around me shook. Spikes of earth shot up, encircling me. I smiled to myself and focused on water. There was no water around, but there was water in the air, and plants had water in them. I focus on the tiny molecules of water around me, the humidity seemed to rise. I waved my hands to the left. Water emerged from the air and plants and seemed to dance around the upturned earth. Giving off a beautifully array of light. I took a deep breath. Next was air, I focused on the wind blowing softly through my hair. It seemed to picked up. I waved my hands back to the right. The wind picked up around the upturned earth creating a small tornado. Only one element left. Fire. I focused on the fire flowing through my soul. I felt energy awaken within me. I dropped my hands a few inches. The upturned earth caught on fire. The bell sounded in the distance. I let my concentration break as the fire was extinguished, the whirlwind stopped, the water fell, and the upturned earth returned to its normal position. I spirinted back to class. Stomach rumbling from my absence at lunch.


    When I got home from school, my mom was standing in the living room, arms crossed.

“Honey, we need to talk.” Her voice was stern.

“What? Why?” I asked nervous.

“The school called me.” She said.

“About what?” I thought back to my time in the woods. Could they have seen me practicing my powers?

“They said you messed up a girl named Becca’s hair.” She said.

I took a breath of relief, “It’s just hair I don't-”

“Let me finish!” My mom yelled. I nodded slowly. She never yells like that, “They said you did it by creating wind inside.” Her voice was wrecked with disappointment.

I just stood there, mouth open. So Becca did blab, “I’m sorry…” I started to say.

“So it’s true?” My mom asked.

I nodded, afraid of what my mother might think of me.

She took a deep breath before speaking again, “Fawn, I am not a human.” She hung her head.

“What?!” I said surprised.

She took another deep breath, “I am a water wolf.” She raised her hands and all the water in the room began to float. The water fell back into its original place just as she turned into a tan wolf with dark brown ears and tail tip. She looked up at me. I stared at her, jaw dropped.

“How?” I asked.

She faded back into a human, “I was born this way, but what’s more important are the circumstances of your birth.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“You see, your father was a dragon-”

“A DRAGON?” I screamed.

“Yes, dragons are rare enough as it is. But your father was the rarest of the rare. You father was a magic dragon.”

“Magic dragon?” I asked, “Don’t all dragons have magic?”

“Yes, but he could use magic as an element and not an energy. He could also use all elements a dragon could have.”
“All the elements a dragon could have?”

“Yes, each dragon is born into an element. Your father could use them all.”

“Wow.” I said.

“The thing is, we thought our two natures would cancel out the magic in your DNA. But it appears the opposite has happened. You are a dracowolf. A dragon and wolf hybrid. But it doesn’t stop there. Normally if something like this happens, you’d be a water dracowolf, but water draco wolves can’t control air as well. It appears you take after your father a bit too much. You are a magic dracowolf.” By the time she finished talking my head was about to explode.

“Oh and one more thing.” She said as she game me a piece of paper with a symbol that almost looked like a blue fireball on it.

“What’s this?”

“Open it.” She said. And so I did.

Dear Fawn,

    If you’re reading this letter, that means you have grown into powers. Whatever they may be. I am offering you free admission into Spellbound Academy. Every mage needs to be trained in their powers. Especially one from a magic dragon bloodline. Please at least think about attending school here. You will be with other shifter mages. You won’t have to lie as much. School starts on the 4th of Last Steed. I will be waiting for you.

-Professor Smoak

(Dragon Trainer)


I looked up and eyed my mom suspiciously, “The 4th of Last Steed?”

“Tomorrow.” she said, “Sleep on it?”

I nodded, “I’m just gonna go to bed, this whole thing has my head spinning.”

“Ok, goodnight sweetie.”


    I flopped down onto my bed. “What is happening to me. One minute I’m a normal sixteen year old girl, the next I have magic powers, shapeshifting parents, a father who could easily take over the world, and free admission to Spellbound Academy. What’s next? I find out the government is made up of aliens? Wait……..” I fell into a deep sleep. Still unsure whether to stay or go. Still unsure if anything that has happened today is real, it might have all been a dream.


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