Why Nobody Leaves The Forest Shack

Darcy 's father is content with his new marriage to Blake Limestone but she isn't so takes to the internet to find out more about her, upon research she finds out that Blake isn't what she seems.
Blake has been admitted to a mental institute twice and had once lived in a mysterious shack in Ireland. Darcy's mother died in Ireland , so she sets out to find the truth of her death.


Author's note

I haven't been writing for a while because f the overload of school work so sorry guys !

3. Sweet Nightmares

Sweet Nightmares

The moon shone ever so minimally through the slits of Darcy bedroom blinds , she couldn't sleep but her eyes felt heavy with darkness , she could tell there would be huge black circles around her under eye tomorrow . She felt the light breeze of her pillow as she shifted and shuffled around trying to get comfortable , it was of no use sadly .

She was cold and uncomfortable she couldn't get Blake of her mind , she was stuck in her head haunting her. She could smell her victorias secret body spray all around the room as she had used it after her shower , but she could smell something else ………..it was thick and hefty throughout the room over powering the spray .

Darcy sat up trying to make out figures within the darkness of the room , then her bedroom door opened and the scent became even stronger practically under her nose now .  

The door was open a jar enough for a small skinny person to enter through , someone did.

Scratching on the bare floor boards and a shrieking and grunting followed as a person began to claw across the floor creating an unpleasant sound.

Darcy tried to scream but couldn't , he could feel every sound so clearly and was praying her father could from the room next door , but he was probably busy with Blake trying to distract himself from his problems . Darcy grabbed her bed covers gripping them even tearing them with her long nails. the fear was indescribable to her , a hand then pulled the cover away from her overpowering her strength out of pure fear ! The person was at the edge of her bed .

She again tried to scream but instead a whimper came out of her mouth , the person crawled up onto the bed and that's when Darcy lay with her eyes closed trying not to see whoever this was. Her eyes began to open again on instinct she thought they were gone as all was silent ……..too silent , she opened her eyes .

she saw face peering down at her but the features were indistinct she couldn't see them that well until her phone charging on her bed side table went off with a  text message illuminating the room for one second , she saw the person.

Blood shot eyes rotting pale skin and frost bitten lips bleeding like a wine to a glass dripping down on her putridly. But she recognized the person , it was her mother .

She could tell by the yellow ribbon in her dark messy matted hair , she began to cry now not out of fear but wondering was this actually her mother ,  had she really ended up in this state and come to ask for help from her .

"KILLER!" Darcy's mother shrieked with a banshees voice

"REVANGE , KILL BLAKE!" she screamed eyes opened wicked and wild glowing red with anger

Now Darcy finally screamed , the light turned on .

"Woah what the fuck happened to you? " , Darcy looked over at the door , it was her younger sister of 15 Amber, she looked dismally confused an disturbed .

"Why'd ya scream D?" She asked batting her eyes from her state of tiredness , Darcy looked at her eyes wider than ever with fear and tears, she answered .

"I saw mum!" she whimpered finally .

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