Why Nobody Leaves The Forest Shack

Darcy 's father is content with his new marriage to Blake Limestone but she isn't so takes to the internet to find out more about her, upon research she finds out that Blake isn't what she seems.
Blake has been admitted to a mental institute twice and had once lived in a mysterious shack in Ireland. Darcy's mother died in Ireland , so she sets out to find the truth of her death.


Author's note

I haven't been writing for a while because f the overload of school work so sorry guys !

2. Starbucks And Secrets


 Darcy sat at the table for a few minutes explaining how she had "done a background check on daddy's new little girlfriend". and of course forbearing kind Matt listened to her as she rambled on nervously shaking in her puma sneakers.

"But why did you do a background check n her I mean its not like she is…." Matt tried to say before being cut off by Darcy ,

"SHE IS DANGEROUS MATT. Listen when I went to her house I found her medical profile, she used to be a nurse but following the death of her twin sister who was in an asylum she went nuts ok ! she had severe form of bipolar disorder , she even had to be moved once because of a obsession she had with psychiatrist ." Darcy tried to whisper with out getting angry and yelling .

Matt was staring at her unsettled eyes wide with worry , he seemed confused. But yet he took Darcy's hand and clenched it tightly , he was afraid for her so afraid. "did you tell your dad?" , Darcy  just nodded in response trying not to cry "He didn't listen , he said he already new but I don't thin he did , because he looked genuinely shocked when I showed him the folder." Darcy replied.

Matt moved round to the side of the booth Darcy was on put his strong broad arm round her shoulder. he held her tight as she slowly whimpered in sorrow , " Its ok babe, if it helps if I was your dad and I found that out shed be gone by now."


Darcy smiled and Matt tears now no longer filling her eyes, Darcy then took a sip of her pumpkin spice latte instantly warming her up from the cold autumn weather."Jesus Christ Matt I now you love me but your hurting me , why are you hugging me so tight , Matt …..oh god!" 

Staring through the front window of the Starbucks eyes intently on Darcy and Matt , it was Blake , when she realised they were looking at her she gave them a smile , it wasn't a unpleasant smearing of her teeth as her eyes widened impossibly. 

No one else in the shop seemed to notice apart from Matt and Darcy , Blake then waved and pressed her face away from the window and walked away. "Holy shit balls!" Matt cried out , everyone stared at him like he had just screamed , he had screamed and so had Darcy. "Sorry we erm saw a rat on the street and err freaked out" Darcy said to the people now calmly taking deep breaths after being freaked out by the screams.

"I forgot to tell you , she also used to live in Ireland , in this weird shack! My mum was in Ireland when she went missing." Darcy told Matt who was now freaking out on multiple levels.









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